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Effort to protect children from overmedication fails

Miami Herald CHILD WELFARE Effort to protect children from overmedication fails The product of state child welfare administrators\’ half-year of soul-searching, a bill to protect foster kids from powerful mental health drugs is killed by doctors. BY CAROL MARBIN MILLER AND MARC CAPUTO Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau TALLAHASSEE — When a heavily medicated foster child died […]

Update on Army Psychiatrist

St. Petersburg Times Military to seek death penalty in shooting Military prosecutors sent a notice Wednesday indicating they plan to seek the death penalty against the Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly shooting rampage at Fort Hood, a defense attorney said. Maj. Nadal Hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts […]

The Pfizer Geodon Trial And Physician Mishaps

Pharmalot The Pfizer Geodon Trial and Punjwani By Ed Silverman April 28, 2010 Earlier this month, the FDA sent Pfizer a warning letter for failing to properly monitor pediatric clinical trials in which at least 13 children with bipolar disorder experienced overdosing that led to restless legs, tremors, involuntary facial movements and a serious skin […]

Psychiatrist Adekumle Yesufu convicted of exposing himself

BBC Flasher psychiatrist found dead A psychiatrist convicted of exposing himself in front of three women in County Antrim has been found dead at his home in London. Dr Adekumle Yesufu was found guilty in February of performing the sex act at the home of a former work colleague in Carrickfergus in August last year. […]

Revealed: Pfizer\’s payments to censured doctors

New Scientist 22 April 2010 by Peter Aldhous and Jim Giles They are billed as “healthcare professionals who spend years building expertise in their fields\”. Using materials firmly grounded in science, they educate their peers in the risks and benefits of drugs. This is how Pfizer, the pharmaceuticals giant, describes the experts it hires to […]

State let danger linger after foster kid’s drug death

Miami Herald State let danger linger after foster kid\’s drug death By FRED GRIMM Note the date — July 17, 2006. Denis Maltez, a 67-pound wisp confined to a state-licensed group home, suffered the debilitating effects of his startling drug cocktail. He was ferried over to Miami Children\’s Hospital for emergency services. Aug. 4, 2006. […]

Controversial Miami psychiatrist dropped from Medicaid program

Miami Herald State health administrators have terminated a controversial Miami psychiatrist from the state\’s insurance program for disabled and needy children. BY CAROL MARBIN MILLER Wednesday, April 21, 2010 State healthcare regulators have booted from the state Medicaid program a Miami psychiatrist who had prescribed a cocktail of potent mental health drugs to an autistic, […]

Red flags overlooked in prescription drug death of 12-year-old

Miami Herald Red flags overlooked in prescription drug death of 12-year-old BY CAROL MARBIN MILLER April 18, 2010 Born with autism, 12-year-old Denis Maltez was “hyper, needy, pesty,” his psychiatrist wrote following a May 2007 visit. Dr. Steven L. Kaplan solved the 70-pound boy’s problems with a prescription pad, writing orders for two different anti-psychotic […]

Amendment to bill targeting foster kids’ medication draws fire

Miami Herald DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN & FAMILIES Amendment to bill targeting foster kids’ medication draws fire Critics are questioning an amendment to a bill designed to protect foster children from being inappropriately medicated with mental-health drugs. By Carol Marbin Miller One of the largest providers of inpatient psychiatric care for Florida foster kids successfully pushed […]

Psychiatrist Barlow Smith – indicted for sexually assaulting a patient

KXAN Doctor, 80, indicted for sexual assault Prosecutors: Doctor exploited patient By Jacqueline Ingles MARBLE FALLS, Texas (KXAN) – A Burnet County grand jury indicted Dr. Barlow Smith, 80, who runs a psychiatry practice in Marble Falls, for sexually assaulting a patient. He\’s accused of sexual assault by a health care service provider. Prosecutors said […]

Nathan Kuemmerle, Hollywood Psychiatrist, Arrested for Running a Pill Mill

States News Service WEST HOLLYWOOD PSYCHIATRIST, OFFICE MANAGER ARRESTED ON CHARGES OF WRITING HUGE NUMBER OF PRESCRIPTIONS FOR ADDICTIVE DRUGS WITHOUT EXAMINING CASH-PAYING PATIENTS April 13, 2010 The following information was released by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California: A doctor who maintains a clinic in West Hollywood and his […]