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Prozac Turned Teen into Murderer–Judge Agrees with Testimony of Psychiatrist Peter Breggin MD

PRLog – Press Release Distribution –Antidepressant Caused a Stimulant-like Syndrome Leading to Manic-like Behavior, Suicidality and Violence FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 30, 2011 – The headline from the Winnipeg Free Press in Canada tells the story: \”Judge Agrees Prozac Made Teen a Killer.\” Provincial court judge Robert Heinrichs listened to expert […]

People\’s Pharmacy: Antidepressants carry suicide risk

FLORIDA TODAY (Brevard County, Florida) September 29, 2011 Thursday QUESTION:A family member took his life while on Cymbalta. He never had been depressed, but when he explained to his physician the suicidal thoughts he was having, the physician doubled his dose of Cymbalta, added Abilify and told him to come back in a week. He […]

Bad Boys

No Benefit, Possible Harm From Routine Depression Screening

MedScape By Fran Lowry September 23, 2011 — Routine screening for depression in primary care, as recommended by organizations in the United States and Canada, has not been shown to be beneficial, and may even be harmful, according to new research published online September 19 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. In addition, in this […]

Nationally known child psychiatrist James L. Schalle pleads in gun threat case

Naples News Nationally known child psychiatrist pleads in gun threat case By AISLING SWIFT September 21, 2011 A nationally known Naples child psychiatrist who pointed a gun at his teenage son’s friend, then allegedly threatened his 15-year-old son, pleaded today to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to probation. Dr. James L. […]

Dope Smoking Largo Psychiatrist in Trouble with the Department of Health

Psych News Psychiatrist Arrested in Clearwater for Possession of Marijuana By Joel Voss Sep 20, 2011 Largo, Florida psychiatrist Ronald Knaus was arrested on July 2, 2010 in nearby Clearwater for possession of marijuana. The police initially approached him due to a handgun in his waistband, per the police report. He pleaded no-contest in open […]

Drug makers pad doctors\’ income

The News-Press (Fort Myers, Florida) By FRANK GLUCK Pharmaceutical companies have paid doctors in Lee and Collier counties almost $1.5 million for consulting, speaking, research and other work since 2009, according to newly released data by investigative news organization ProPublica. Top payments include more than $100,000 to Fort Myers physician Richard J. Weiss, largely in […]

Mental Health Counselor Gets 35 years

Miami Herald Judge sends therapist to prison for 35 years in massive Medicare-fraud case By Jay Weaver A federal judge Monday issued another astonishing prison sentence in the nation’s biggest mental-health fraud case, sending a Miami therapist to prison for 35 years. Marianella Valera, 40, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Peru who ran Miami-based American […]

Psychs Avoid Penalties in Suits Against Medical Firms

ProPublica Doctors Avoid Penalties in Suits Against Medical Firms by Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein Evidence sealed at settlement For concerned outsiders, the whistle-blower suits are often troublingly vague. Many don\’t provide enough specifics about physicians\’ roles to assess their veracity. Some offer only worrisome hints of doctors\’ misconduct. But the case against Lilly and […]

Why screening teens for mental illness is a bad idea

The Stute The Student Newspaper of Stevens Institute of Technology since 1904 The Scientific Curmudgeon – Why screening teens for mental illness is a bad idea By John Horgan Mental illness can afflict children, just as cancer and other diseases do. Many young people quietly struggle with depression and other disorders, which may provoke them […]

Owners of mental health clinics face life in prison

Miami Herald Miami couple faces lengthy sentence for Medicare fraud A Miami couple who owned a South Florida chain of mental health clinics face spending the rest of their lives in prison for ripping off millions from Medicare. BY JAY WEAVER Lawrence Duran was a Miami healthcare executive who regularly lobbied Congress in favor of […]

Dozens arrested in Medicare mental health fraud

Miami Herald MEDICARE Dozens arrested in Medicare mental health fraud By Jay Weaver Federal agents have arrested dozens of suspects charged with bilking Medicare of hundreds of millions of dollars in bogus services for mental health therapy and other types of healthcare. Agents with Health and Human Services and the FBI have fanned out across […]

42 Busted

Miami Herald MEDICARE Medicare fraud case nets dozens of arrests Federal agents busted 42 South Florida suspects on Medicare fraud charges as part of a Justice Department sweep targeting hotspots from Miami to Los Angeles. By JAY WEAVER The out-of-state patients, suffering from disabilities and addictions, were lured to South Florida with the promise of […]

Juveniles to Junkies

The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News (Stuart, Florida) Editorial: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice needs to come clean about use of powerful drugs on children in state custody While an internal investigation on the use of powerful anti-psychotic drugs in Florida Juvenile Justice facilities continues, young people in custody may be in jeopardy and taxpayers […]