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Senate Watchdog Targets High-Prescribing Medicaid Docs

ProPublica Senate Watchdog Targets High-Prescribing Medicaid Docs by Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber Jan. 24, 2012 An influential U.S. senator is grilling officials in nearly three-dozen states, demanding to know how they are cracking down on physicians who prescribe massive amounts of potentially dangerous prescription drugs. Iowa Republican Charles Grassley sent letters to 34 states […]

North Carolina Scrutinizing Psych Drug Use in Children

Are some foster kids over-medicated? NC now looking to scrutinize how Medicaid dispensed to children North Carolina now has a program that will allow it to monitor children on Medicaid who are prescribed antipsychotic and other mood-altering medications. A+Kids was implemented after doctors and those in the mental health field started questioning whether the medications […]

Psych Drug Maker Nailed by Whistleblower – $158 Million

New York Times J. & J. to Pay $158 Million to End Suit Filed by Texas January 19, 2012 Johnson & Johnson said on Thursday that it would pay $158 million to settle a Texas lawsuit accusing the drug maker of improperly marketing its Risperdal antipsychotic drug to state residents on the Medicaid health program […]

12-Year-Old Testifies in U.S. Senate Hearing About Psych Drugs

Pass this video on to the kids you know and the families of kids you know. And let them run with it. 12 year old foster child, Ke\’onte Cook, testifies before a U.S. Senate Committee about his experience with Psych Drugs. The Financial and Societal Costs of Medicating America\’s Foster Children Subcommittee on Federal Financial […]