Archives for July 2017 KRIMI 14. JUL. 2012 – 16.05 | OPDATERET 17. SEP. 2012 – 8.51 Patienter: Vi havde også sex med dansk psykiater OK Foto: privatfoto JAN LAURIDTSEN FØLG Den norske avis Dagbladet kunne forleden afsløre, at to ud af 12 læger, der har sex-misbrugt deres patienter i Norge fra 2008 til 2010, er dansk. I […]

Psychiatrist Mark Beale, demands Google reveal identity of “one star” reviewer

The Post and Courier Libel lawsuit over West Ashley psychiatrist’s 1-star Google rating sparks First Amendment fight, more 1-star reviews By Andrew Knapp July 29, 2017 A West Ashley psychiatrist was so offended by a poor online review that he has sued the anonymous critic and demanded that Google unmask the user’s identity. What did […]

LAWSUIT – MARK BEALE, SOUTH CAROLINA PSYCHIATRIST appears to blame step father for “one star rating”

Newspaper stories here: The State and here: The Post and Courier You can see the full lawsuit here: Mark Beale Lawsuit It appears psychiatrist Mark Beale suspects that his step-father is behind the “one star rating”. Affidavit of Mark Beale (see above “Mark Beale Lawsuit” – last couple of pages for court record) PERSONALLY appeared […]

Mark Beale, South Carolina Psychiatrist, Sues because he got a “One-Star” Rating

The Star Google ‘spoofer’ with phony name victimized SC psychiatrist, lawsuit says By JOHN MONK July 25, 2017 When a person using a phony name posted a one-star rating – out of five stars – about psychiatrist Dr. Mark Beale on a Google Maps locator box, Beale saw it. He was not amused. In fact, […]

Kim Joergen Holtz Psykiater igen dømt skyldig i groft misbrug af patient AF: MARIE-LOUISE ANDERSEN Publiceret 27. april 2017 kl. 16:25 1/1 Landsretten har stadfæstet byrettens dom over en psykiater, der udnyttede sin position som læge til at opnå sex med en patient. Foto: Kim Haugaard 0 kommentarersend til en venSend Print Twitter Facebook En i dag […]

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Lars Søndergård

Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed Kritik i forbindelse med udfærdigelsen af erklæring – speciallæge Lars Søndergård (autID 00Q0K) Sundhedsvæsenets Disciplinærnævn finder grundlag for at kritisere speciallæge i psykiatri Lars Søndergård (autID 00Q0K) i forbindelse med udfærdigelsen af erklæring af 7. juli 2015 til Center vedrørende , da speciallægen har overtrådt autorisationslovens § 20, stk. 1. Sundhedsvæsenets Disciplinærnævn […]

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Alan Emamdee, New Mexico Psychiatrist, arrested for sexually abusing patient

kob4 Farmington psychiatrist arrested for sexually abusing patient Devin Neeley July 21, 2017 FARMINGTON, N.M. — A Farmington doctor is behind bars after being arrested for sexual abuse of a patient, and police say there could be more victims. Farmington police arrested psychiatrist Alan Emamdee and charged him with six counts of criminal sexual penetration […]

RK Brahma, Indian Psychiatrist, arrested for death of patient

The Times of India Psychiatrist arrested for death of patient By Tamaghna Banerjee July 18, 2017 KOLKATA: A 67-year-old psychiatrist in Salt Lake was arrested and sent to jail for 14 days on charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder of a middle aged automobile engineer who was undergoing treatment at his nursing home […]

Wyoming Psychiatrist Matthew Hopkins, back in jail, got drunk and crashed his bicycle

Powell Tribune Cody psychiatrist re-arrested after alleged drunk biking By CJ Baker July 18, 2017 A Cody psychiatrist is back in jail after he allegedly got drunk and crashed his bicycle — disobeying orders from two different judges to stay away from alcohol. “I can’t believe this happened to me,” Dr. Matthew Hopkins said in […]

Philip Ney, British Columbia Psychiatrist, Charged with Animal Cruelty SOOKE RESIDENT DR. PHILIP NEY CHARGED WITH ANIMAL CRUELTY By Sandy Hall July 19th, 2017 Sooke resident, Dr. Philip Ney, has been charged with animal cruelty following the death of his 6 year old mix-breed dog “Star”. Ney is a psychiatrist who ran for public office several times, including 2 terms as a Victoria […]

Rajesh Jain, UK Psychiatrist, allegedly made inappropriate comments which left patients in shock or in tears

Daily Mail Psychiatrist ‘rubbed his thighs, licked his lips and darted his tongue in and out as he grilled patient over her sex life’ By Paddy Dinham July 13, 2017 A psychiatrist rubbed his thighs and licked his lips as he counselled a woman over her love life during a series of sexually-charged consultations with […]