Bartholomeus Lakeman, UK Psychiatrist, Scored badly on competence tests – wants job back


Evening Express
Struck off Aberdeen doctor launches bid to start working again
By Dale Haslam
April 6, 2018

A doctor who lost his job working in Aberdeen after scoring badly on competence tests has launched a bid to start working again.

Dr Bartholomeus Lakeman worked for NHS Grampian as a doctor in child and adolescent psychiatry in Aberdeen between 2004 and 2010.

He was struck off after concerns were raised to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) about his performance levels.

Dr Lakeman has applied to the MPTS for permission to be put back on the register, allowing him to work as a doctor once again.

An MPTS panel is due to meet in Manchester over three days starting on April 23.

It will consider whether Dr Lakeman’s ability has improved over the last six years sufficiently enough for him to be re-added to the register.

A report from the MPTS said: “The tribunal will consider an application from Dr Lakeman to be restored to the medical register.

“Dr Lakeman’s name was erased from the register in 2012 for disciplinary reasons.”

His professional standards were deemed unacceptable by the MPTS, which expressed concern about his ability to assess patients’ conditions, maintain good medical practice and work with colleagues.

The MPTS considered that Dr Lakeman sat 12 tests to assess his ability to perform key tasks competently in his role and scored below 25% in seven tests. The panel concluded that striking Dr Lakeman off the register would protect the public and be in the public interest.

In 2012, Dr Harvey Marcovitch, chairman of the hearing panel, said: “The panel has also applied the principle of proportionality, weighing the public interest against Dr Lakeman’s own interests.”

An NHS Grampian spokeswoman declined to comment. Dr Lakeman was unavailable for comment.