Big Pharma’s Evil Playbook Big Pharma’s Evil Playbook By Colin Taufer September 2018 On July 10, 2010, Stewart Dolin a happy, funny, loving, wealthy, dedicated husband and father, started taking Paxil, as prescribed by his psychiatrist. Six days later, in the middle of the afternoon, he leapt off of a subway platform and into the path of an […]

Forensic Psychiatry Insanity Forensic Psychiatry* Insanity By Colin Taufer August 2018 Forensic Psychiatry* – a subspecialty of psychiatry which applies to legal issues. There are two major areas of criminal evaluations in forensic psychiatry. These are Competency to Stand trial (CST) and Mental State at the Time of the Offense The American Psychiatric Association wants the world […]

The “Church” of the Holy Label The “Church” of the Holy Label By Colin Taufer July 2018 Those that knew her found Candace Downing to be a very bright little girl and an overachiever, the youngest in a loving family. When she was in sixth grade, her psychiatrist, after a very brief evaluation, decided the anxieties she was experiencing during […]

Psychiatry’s War Psychiatry’s War Against the United States Military By Colin Taufer March 2018 Today tens of thousands of American soldiers are stationed in the Middle East, taking the fight to our enemies so our enemies don’t bring terror to the United States. These brave fighting men and women have put themselves in harm’s way at […]

Psych Drugs Kill Psych Drugs Kill More Than Heroin By Colin Taufer February 2018 Every day, politicians, the press, and the president condemn the heroin epidemic currently ravaging the country. They talk about its toll in lives lost and communities ruined. They appropriate millions for prevention, treatment recovery, and drug education. They declare it a public health […]

electroshock Shock Treatment in your Neighborhood By Colin Taufer December 2017 You might think the barbaric psychiatric “treatment” of applying electricity to the temples and passing it through the brain to produce grand mal seizures is obsolete. You might think that a “treatment” that causes brain damage in patients would not be tolerated by […]

New Year 2018 2018 Godspeed to All By Colin Taufer January 2018 Happy New Year! The calendar has turned from 2017 to 2018 and a new year is upon us. As is customary, this is the time to wish good fortune to friends new and old and to those most important to you. In keeping with […]

Psychiatric diagnosis from afar Trump and Psychiatric Diagnosis from Afar By Colin Taufer October 2017 When psychiatrists make a claim in which they cite their “ethical responsibility” as justification for doing so, it is both absurd and laughable. Psychiatrists cannot and should not be trusted. Such was the case in April of this year when a group […]

USATODAY.COM: 21st CENTURY MENTAL ASYLUMS By Colin Taufer, Special for the Sun September 8, 2017 The three largest mental institutions in America are the Los Angeles County Jail, Rikers Island Correctional Institution in New York City and Cook County Jail in Chicago — the latter being the largest in the United States. This fact may come as a surprise […]

Select Quotes on the Incarceration of the Mentally Ill

Select Quotes to PsychSearch from Law Enforcement and Mental Health Advocates about the incarceration of the mentally ill: “Jailers and prison guards are not social workers, nurses, or doctors. People with a mental illness get no treatment for their condition while in jail or prison. They are medicated (sedated) with the cheapest drug available to […]

21st Century Mental Asylums

PsychSearch Mental Asylums of the 21st Century: Prisons and Jails By Colin Taufer September 2017 The three largest mental institutions in America are the Los Angeles County Jail, Rikers Island Correctional Institution in New York City and Cook County Jail in Chicago, the latter being the largest in the United States. This fact may come […]

How Psychiatry Labels Gifted Children for Psychiatric Drugging How Psychiatry Labels Gifted Children for Psychiatric Drugging By Colin Taufer July 2017 A mother and a psychiatrist are relaxing in a park, both observing the mother’s son at play. The mother feels her child may be gifted. The psychiatrist observes the boy and speculates he is suffering from ADD/ADHD and needs medication. […]

The Shrinks are Shrinking The Shrinks are Shrinking By Colin Taufer Aug 2017 “Psychiatry is in decline and is becoming obsolete.” This statement does not come from an anti-psychiatry group or a former patient with an axe to grind or a dubious website. This quote comes from an article published by The British Journal of Medical Practitioners, a […]

“MODERN” PSYCHOSURGERY “MODERN” PSYCHOSURGERY By Colin Taufer August 2016 In 1949, Antonio Egas Moniz won the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine. His award-winning contribution to mankind? “His discovery of the therapeutic value of leucotomy in certain psychoses. A leucotomy is more commonly known as a lobotomy, the neurosurgical procedure consisting of cutting or scraping away […]

CONSUMER PROTECTION? CONSUMER PROTECTION? By Colin Taufer March 2017 Recently, it was reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that someone suffered a knee injury after sitting on a brand of bench that collapsed. Six others reported this same bench collapsing but reported no injuries. Consequently, the CPSC told all consumers to stop using these particular […]