CONSUMER PROTECTION? CONSUMER PROTECTION? By Colin Taufer March 2017 Recently, it was reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that someone suffered a knee injury after sitting on a brand of bench that collapsed. Six others reported this same bench collapsing but reported no injuries. Consequently, the CPSC told all consumers to stop using these particular […]

Psychiatry and Accountability Psychiatry and Accountability By Colin Taufer January 2017 “Your son needs medication to control his impulsive behavior in my classroom.” These words, or some variation of them, are the ones that begin millions of our nation’s children down a destructive path filled with unfortunate consequences. One such effect, usually lost sight of, is the […]

THE “ETHICS” OF PSYCHIATRY “The “Ethics” of Psychiatry By Colin Taufer May 2017 What is and isn’t ethical is easily understood. While everyone may not be able to give a dictionary-perfect definition of ethics, every one of us knows fundamentally that if someone is ethical they know right from wrong and can and will act accordingly. More fundamentally, […]

Coercion and Profits by Confusion Coercion and Profits by Confusion By Colin Taufer February 2017 Open any magazine and chances are you will find its pages filled with ads from Big Pharma. This is because Big Pharma is far and away the biggest spender when it comes to magazine ads. In fact, it spends nearly double that of the […]

Drugging Children for Conformity Drugging Children for Conformity By Colin Taufer December 2016 Throughout its long history, Ritalin has been a drug in search of a “disorder”. Its manufacturer Ciba (now Novartis) has spent millions on advertising and “doctor education” trying to find and create a profitable “disease” for its drug. In the mid-1950’s Ritalin was advertised as […]

Women, Beware of Psychiatrists! Women, Beware of Psychiatrists! By Colin Taufer November 2016 Over the last many months I have written a number of columns for PsychSearch. I’ve covered a variety of topics from brain damaging electroshock “therapy” to the horrifying reality of one million American children under the age of 5 on psychiatric drugs. After every article […]

One Million American Children Starting Kindergarten on Psych Drugs One Million American Children Starting Kindergarten on Psych Drugs By Colin Taufer October 2016 Imagine one million toddlers suffering psychiatric drug-caused aggression or anxiety or depression or suicide or cardiac arrest or headaches — all before they start kindergarten. We’ve all experienced first-hand the exuberance and energy of a young child as they elbow […]

A Basic Human Right Violated A Basic Human Right Violated By Colin Taufer September 2016 “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman* or degrading treatment or punishment,” states article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a milestone document that set out, for the first time, to universally protect everyone’s fundamental human rights. In […]

In Her Own Words – A Shock Therapy Survivor In Her Own Words A Shock Therapy Survivor By Colin Taufer July 2016 In my last article I compared the brain damage caused by shock therapy and the brutal helmet to helmet collisions of American football. Both the patient and the player are left with short and long term symptoms such as memory […]

ECT and CTE – The NFL, Shock Treatment and Brain Damage by Colin Taufer ECT and CTE – The NFL, Shock Treatment and Brain Damage By Colin Taufer June 2016 Your brain is safer in a car accident than in the hands of a psychiatrist. On September 30, 2014, researchers with Boston University announced that in autopsies of 79 brains of former NFL players, 76 had tested positive […]

Psychiatrists’ Obsession with Sex Psychiatrists’ Obsession with Sex By Colin Taufer June 2017 The “World’s Sexiest Psychiatrist” is not a punchline to a crude joke or the caption on a humorous cartoon. No. The World’s Sexiest Psychiatrist is the tragically accurate and infamous nickname of New Jersey psychiatrist Theodore F. Jasper, who, recently had his licence revoked for […]