Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville) October 12, 2004 Tuesday City Edition State eyes psych misconduct; Older cases reviewed; prosecution possible BYLINE: J. TAYLOR RUSHING, Capital Bureau Chief SECTION: NATIONAL INTERNATIONAL; Pg. A-1 LENGTH: 1065 words TALLAHASSEE — Several misconduct cases involving psychiatrists are being belatedly sent to state attorneys across Florida, years after the doctors were disciplined […]


The Associated Press State & Local Wire October 11, 2004, Monday, BC cycle State debates whether to prosecute doctors’ old misconduct cases SECTION: State and Regional LENGTH: 299 words DATELINE: TALLAHASSEE, Fla. The state is looking into several psychiatrist misconduct cases, years after the doctors were disciplined by the state but never referred for criminal […]



USAtoday.com By Colin Taufer, Special for the Sun September 8, 2017 The three largest mental institutions in America are the Los Angeles County Jail, Rikers Island Correctional Institution in New York City and Cook County Jail in Chicago — the latter being the largest in the United States. This fact may come as a surprise […]

Great Falls Tribune: Documents on Psychiatrists are compiled at PsychSearch.net

Great Falls Tribune (Montana) March 20, 2015 Celebrating Sunshine Week By Rich Ecke The annual nationwide Sunshine Week is celebrated this week from March 15 to 21. U.S. newspapers publish stories about public records and the difficulty in obtaining some of them. “Public records” are generally defined as records regardless of their physical form made […]

News India Times: Psychiatrist from Texas was arrested and released on a $300,000 bond

News India – Times New York Man, Houston Doctor Charged in Sex Trafficking Case By Ela Dutt August 15, 2014 Four individuals, at least one of them of Indian origin and another of Pakistani origin, described as a “criminal group” operating in New York City, have been indicted by a grand jury for bringing dancers […]

DAILY REPUBLIC: PsychSearch.net documents abuses of the psychiatric profession

The Daily Republic (Mitchell, South Dakota) December 26, 2013 Florida man pries records away from SD officials By Chris Mueller It took nearly five months, but a Florida man has been allowed to view records about doctors excluded from Medicaid in South Dakota. In July, Ken Kramer, of Clearwater, Fla., asked the South Dakota Department […]

Background Check on American Psychiatrists

PsychSearch.net Ken Kramer Answers Journalist’s Questions By Cindy Bevington November 11, 2013 As a journalist my job is to question everything. That means digging below the surface of the obvious and exposing the truth for what it is whether people agree with me or not, whether they like what I’m doing or not, and regardless […]

A Possible Federal Solution to Psych Drugging Kids

Youth Today Rate at Which Psychiatric Meds Are Prescribed to Foster Youth Alarms GAO Administration could mull regulation of monitoring, prescribing practices December 01, 2011 by John Kelly The Obama Administration told states last week of its intention to find out more about their practices when it came to monitoring the use of psychotropic drugs […]

PROPUBLICA: Florida Sanctions Top Medicaid Prescribers — But Only After A Shove

Propublica by Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein November 17, 2011 At Dr. Huberto Merayo’s bustling psychiatry practice in Coral Gables, Fla., hundreds of poor patients on Medicaid walked away each year with prescriptions for powerful antipsychotic drugs. Merayo’s prescriptions for the drugs totaled nearly $2 million in 2009 alone, state records show. The 59-year-old psychiatrist […]

Prescription Pill-Popping By Far a Leading Killer as Florida’s Drug Deaths Spike 20%

FlaglerLive Prescription Pill-Popping By Far a Leading Killer as Florida’s Drug Deaths Spike 20% July 1, 2010 Oxycodone, the addictive prescription pain-killer also known by its Purdue Pharma brand name OxyContin, directly caused more deaths in Florida in 2009 than cocaine, heroin and morphine combined. Prescription drugs as a whole are killing far more Floridians […]

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: War Declared on TeenScreen

The Philadelphia Inquirer Test takes on teens’ mental health; Schools say students are referred for help. Critics fear abuse. By Rita Giordano February 9, 2006 Somewhere in junior high, Jennifer Rashti lost her smile. The once-genial Cherry Hill girl began to feel sad, angry, low. By last year, when she was a high school sophomore, […]

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: TeenScreen critic from Florida

The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) Poll tries to gauge mental health; Schools, critics argue value of TeenScreen in preventing suicide By Jennifer Smith Richards January 30, 2006 Teens: Have you ever felt nervous around a group of other young people, say, in the cafeteria? How about in front of people? Have you thought about killing yourself […]

INDIANAPOLIS STAR: Public Enemy No. 1 Against TeenScreen

The Indianapolis Star (Indiana) September 18, 2005 Teen privacy concerns spur suit over psych test By Ruth Holladay Conscientious parents concerned that their children perform well on ISTEP starting Monday would be wise to pay attention to a less incisive and more insidious exam creeping into some Indiana high schools. Called TeenScreen, this computerized Q&A […]

MIAMI HERALD: New website, www.PsychSearch.net, has been launched to help journalists

The Miami Herald February 28, 2004 ACTION LINE By Herald Staff ALERT CHECK OUT EXPERTS IN MENTAL HEALTH A new website, , has been launched to help journalists, law enforcement, insurance investigators and citizens gain ready access to governmental reports on mental health practitioners in the state of Florida. The website contains disciplinary records from […]