Lawrence Cronin, Arizona psychiatrist, Ordered to surrender his license, engaged in sexual relationship with patient – overmedicated her with “hypnotic agents”

Lawrence Cronin, Arizona psychiatrist BEFORE THE ARIZONA MEDICAL BOARD Lawrence Cronin, M.D. (“Respondent’), elects to permanently waive any right to a hearing and appeal with respect to this Order for Surrender of License; admits the jurisdiction of the Arizona Medical Board (“Board”); and consents to the entry of this Order by the Board. FINDINGS OF […]

Sue Sisley, psychiatrist, fired at the University of Arizona, but okay’d by feds to conduct research on marijuana, waiting for one thing: a federal supply of marijuana

Arizona Public Media Former UA Marijuana Researcher Restarting in Phoenix by AZPM Staff March 27, 2015 A medical marijuana researcher terminated at the University of Arizona last year says she is a step closer to beginning clinical trials in the Phoenix area. Researcher Sue Sisley said this week she plans to conduct independent research in […]

Peter Breggin, Renegade Psychiatrist, Coming to Arizona – “No one should be diagnosed with ADHD, ever” he says

Arizona Daily Star Controversial psychiatrist to speak in Tucson January 10, 2015 A well-known and controversial psychiatrist who says ADHD is not a disorder will speak in Tucson this month at a fundraising gala for a not-for-profit organization. The latest federal data shows nearly 6 percent of Arizona children ages 4 through 17 are being […]