Florida Psychiatrist Fernando Mendez-Villamil, A national symbol of reckless overprescribing – Fined, Reprimanded, Must Be Evaluated for Mental Fitness

Psychiatrist Fernando Mendez-Villamil

Health News Florida Board Fines ‘Flagrant Over-Prescriber’ By Carol Gentry October 4, 2013 Four years after becoming a national symbol of reckless overprescribing, a Miami psychiatrist received a reprimand and $15,000 fine from the Florida Board of Medicine on Friday. The board, meeting in Orlando, accepted the agreement between Dr. Fernando Mendez-Villamil and the Department […]

Cutting Government Dollars to Psychiatrists

Psychiatrist Fernando Mendez Villamil

PsychSearch.net Top Prescribers Propped Up By Tax Dollars By Ken Kramer September 6, 2013 (Note: “Medicaid” and “Medicare” are both defined at end of this article) In 2010, a Florida whistleblower informed investigators in U.S. Senator Grassley’s office about the massive psych drug prescribing of Fernando Mendez-Villamil. He wrote $43 million worth of prescriptions in […]

Wildly Out-of-Control Pennsylvania Psychiatrist Thomas Radecki Arrested for Multiple Offenses

Psychiatrist Thomas Radecki

wpxi.com AG: Psychiatrist accused of over-prescribing, trading drugs for sex Aug. 20, 2013 HARRISBURG, Pa. — Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane announced Tuesday that agents from the Office of Attorney General have arrested the largest purchaser and distributor of Subutex in the United States, following a grand jury investigation into his distribution and prescribing practices. […]

Poster Boy Florida psychiatrist making headlines nationwide


Health News Florida Years Later, Health Dept. Files Complaint By Carol Gentry February 14, 2013 The state Department of Health is moving to discipline Dr. Fernando Mendez-Villamil, a psychiatrist whose unusual prescribing habits have been making headlines in Florida — even nationwide — for years. As John Dorschner of The Miami Herald reported in 2009, […]

$100.00 Reward on America’s Top Psych Drug Prescriber

Office of Psychiatrist Fernando Mendez-Villamil

PsychSearch.net Florida Files Complaint Against Top Prescriber By Ken Kramer February 13, 2013 The Florida Department of Health has filed a complaint against psychiatrist Fernando Mendez-Villamil, arguably America’s most prolific prescriber of psych drugs. He wrote $43 million worth of prescriptions in a 6 year period – about 153 prescriptions every day, paid for by […]

Top Prescriber Submitted 140,000 false claims – Sued by Feds


From 2008 through 2011, Reinstein was one of the top prescribers of Seroquel and Zyprexa in Illinois. See here: Top Prescribers MedScape Psychiatrist Accused in Alleged Prescription Kickback Scandal MD Described as Nation’s ‘Top Prescriber’ of Clozapine Nancy A. Melville Dec 17, 2012 In what federal prosecutors say is the largest prescription fraud case in […]

Chicago Psychiatrist Got Kickbacks For Excessive Prescribing of Antipsychotic Drugs to Nursing Home Patients – Feds Sue

Psychiatrist Michael J. Reinstein

Taps ProPublica High-Prescribing Chicago Psychiatrist Faces Federal Fraud Suit by Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber Nov. 15, 2012 The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois filed a federal fraud lawsuit today against a Chicago psychiatrist profiled by ProPublica and the Chicago Tribune in 2009 for his excessive prescribing of antipsychotic drugs to nursing […]

Idaho Examines Top Prescribers

Idaho Medicaid Dick Armstrong addresses the State Legislature

Idaho Statesman Idaho’s Medicaid payments for prescription drugs questioned But the state says Medicaid records don’t prove doctors are overprescribing November 11, 2012 By AUDREY DUTTON U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican who has assumed a role as a taxpayer watchdog, says some Idaho physicians have overprescribed antipsychotic drugs and addictive narcotics such as […]

PsychSearch.net Special Ops


Hallelujah! EXPOSED – The LIST!

Ken Kramer, researcher and creator of PsychSearch.net

Hallelujah!  The floodgates have opened!   PsychSearch.net is on the move!  A team of crackerjack investigators have been assembled and are compiling the top psych drug prescribers for the entire United States of America! Most of the states are now uploaded. You can see where we are now here: List of U.S. Top Psych Drug Prescribers […]

Use state agencies to track prescribers and drug company connections


BusinessJournalism.org Use state agencies to track prescribers and drug company connections By Rosland Gammon Aug 08, 2012 Lisa Chedekel of the Connecticut Health I-Team, a non-profit health news site, used information collected by U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley as a starting point for her story on the “dual role of doctors as heavy prescribers and drug […]

40% Of High-Prescribing Docs Get Pharma Perks

Lisa Chedekel 1

Connecticut Health I-Team by Lisa Chedekel Jul 28, 2012 In 2010 and 2011, Dr. Irene Abramovich of West Hartford was the state’s top prescriber of Invega, an antipsychotic medication marketed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. She also was in the top five prescribers of Zyprexa, an antipsychotic marketed by Eli Lilly, in 2008 and 2009. Drug company […]

More Documents Released – National Investigation of Psychiatrists Identifies Top Prescribers


Today, PsychSearch.net released more documents in the national investigation of top psych prescribers. States released today are: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan and Nebraska. One egregious example, Fernando Mendez-Villamil, the Miami psychiatrist who wrote $43 million worth of psych drugs between 2004 – 2009 (over 150 prescriptions per day!). Mendez-Villamil was terminated from the […]

National Investigation of Psychiatrists Identifies Top Prescribers – States Take Action

Psychiatrist Huberto Merayo

PsychSearch.net and Document Cloud are again teaming up to release documents to the public. The identities of the top American Medicaid prescribers of “antipsychotic” drugs and the “anti-anxiety” drug Xanax are being released. The identities are being released in public record form for each state where available. Included in the records are the identities of […]


Massachusetts Top Prescribers (PDF) Massachusetts Top Prescribers (Text)