Antonio Colotto, Italian Psychiatrist – being investigated for Forgery and Corruption

Ansa.It Peculiar, investigated former primary Psychiatry Power of attorney, irregular intramoenia and money for certified forgery Editorial Staff March 29, 2018 Antonio Colotto , former director (now retired) of the Department of mental health of the Valle d’Aosta, is being investigated by the aostana prosecutor in an investigation for peculation , forgery and corruption . […]

Italian psychiatrist Marco Bonetti accused of sexual violence against six women (5 of them patients)

Google machine translation: HuffPost € 50 for certificates and sexual violence to patients: arrested the aostan psychiatrist Marco Bonetti January 11, 2018 Week of illness thanks to fake medical certificates obtained by paying the Aostan psychiatrist Marco Bonetti 50 euros: for this accusation the court of Aosta sentenced to two years and 10 months of […]

Marco Bonetti, Italian Psychiatrist, arrested for Sexual Assault, Corruption & Embezzlement Sexual abuse and fraud, arrested doctor March 29, 2017 For sexual assault , aggravated fraud , embezzlement and corruption for acts contrary to official duties, the financial police of Aosta has arrested Marco Bonetti, 63, Aosta, psychiatrist against whom it was issued an arrest warrant by the investigating magistrate. The doctor house arrest were […]

Italian Psychiatrist “L.D.” flipped out, brandished fire extinguisher among colleagues

ANSA Psychiatrist suffers psychotic episode 34-year-old man brandished fire extinguisher among colleagues December 9, 2015 (ANSA) – Milan, December 9 – A psychiatrist sparked fear at a hospital in Milan where he worked after he was found roaming the corridors brandishing a fire extinguisher and speaking incoherently, ANSA learned Wednesday. The 34-year-old man, known only […]

Italian Psychiatrist under investigation in death of forcibly hospitalized patient

ANSA.IT Mental patient ‘not strangled’ Andrea Soldi, 45, died after forced hospitalization August 10, 2015 (ANSA) – Turin, August 10 – An autopsy on a 45-year-old schizophrenic man who died after being forcibly hospitalized last week showed he was not strangled, sources said Monday. Andrea Soldi, 45, died after being forced onto an ambulance and […]

Patient stabs psychiatrist 40 times in Italy

New York Daily News Patient stabs psychiatrist 40 times in Italy, killing her: police THE ASSOCIATED PRESS September 4, 2013 ROME — Investigators in Italy say a patient stabbed his psychiatrist some 40 times, killing the woman during their appointment at a public health facility. Police said the attacker, a man in his 40s with […]