Karl Strelnick


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Woman Who Accused Therapist of Sexual Abuse Wins $$1,135,000

February 24, 1989

A woman who testified she was sexually abused by her psychiatrist has been awarded $$1,135,000 by a jury.
The 42-year-old woman said Dr. Karl Strelnick had sexual contact with her repeatedly during a two-year period while she was receiving psychiatric treatment.
The woman’s attorney, Daniel Rottier, said she was satisfied with the Dane County Circuit Court verdict Thursday.
“She feels an appropriate message was sent to the counseling community,” he said.
Strelnick said Friday he would not comment on the verdict.
He gave up his practice and voluntarily surrendered his license in 1987.
The woman testified she suffers from severe anxiety attacks as a result of the incidents.
The verdict included $$55,000 for medical expenses, $$80,000 for lost future earnings and $$1 million for pain, suffering and disability.