TeenScreen in the News

Please visit the links below to view recent noteworthy media coverage regarding TeenScreen, mental health screening, and pertinent issues. 

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St. Cloud Times, April 3, 2007 
Be wary of TeenScreen legislation

Duluth News Tribune, April 2, 2007 
Program to prevent teen suicide misguided

Star Tribune, March 29, 2007 
TeenScreen - Risks are too great

Marshfield News Herald, March 27, 2007 
TeenScreen...wrong direction

Texas Eagle Forum Torch, February, 2007 
Mental Health Screening for Texas Kids

Human Events, Jan 30, 2007 
Mental Health Screening: New Liberal Tool for Child-Control

Post Standard, January 22, 2007 
TeenScreen program used to push drugs to students

Daily Herald, January 18, 2007 
Utah Bill: Bans school personnel from making mental health recommendations for children

Post Standard, January 18, 2007 
Better Way to Help Children with Problems

Rutherford Institute, January 18, 2007 
America’s Schoolchildren Are Treated Like Lab Rats

Carolina Journal, January 17, 2007 
Schools as Psychiatrists

OpEd News, January 15, 2007 
TeenScreen - The Last Straw

Holistic Junction, January 11, 2007 
Do Legalized Drug Pushers Influence TeenScreen?

Alternative Medicine, December 25, 2006 
Kids & Psychiatric Drugs, Big Pharma comes to the classroom

Daily Democrat, December 23, 2006 
Statistics don't indicate a significant danger

Daily Democrat, December 23, 2006 
There are “facts” and then there is the truth

Daily Democrat, December 19, 2006 
Mission Accomplished

Moutain View Telegraph, November 30, 2006 
New Drug Sales Device Called TeenScreen

Kenosha News, November 29, 2006 
Parents need to send School District a Message

Northwest Herald, November 17, 2006 
Dangers of TeenScreen

Kenosha News, November 15, 2006 
TeenScreen under fire

Daily Democrat, November 10, 2006 
Parents need to check out this TeenScreen program

Catholic News Network, November 6, 2005 
The State Of Indiana is receiving a great deal of heat

Associated Content, November 6, 2006 
TeenScreen: Are our Teens depressed or suicidal

Los Angeles Times, October 30, 2006 
Pharmaceutical companies have worked to establish mental-health screening programs

Indianapolis Star, October 26, 2006 
Commission Opposes Screening All Hoosier schoolchildren

Herald Republican, October 26, 2006 
Indiana - Controversial State Plan

Herald Republican, October 15, 2006 
Children's mental health plan to be finalized

Washington Post, October 8, 2006 
A Rush to Medicate Young Minds

The Evening Star, October 8, 2006 
Minorities "Why should they be the guinea pigs?”

Herald-Republican, October 1, 2006 
Universal mental health testing for children debated

MichNews.com, September 28, 2006 
TeenScreen Suicide Survey - A Prescription For Disaster

The News Sun, September 24, 2006 
DOE task force presents children's mental health plan

ABC Action News, September 21, 2006 
Activists don't want Anxiety Test in Fresno Schools

The Fresno Bee, September 21, 2006 
Suicide-risk screening effort blasted

Eagle Forum of California Sentinel, September 21, 2006 
Statement before Fresno Unified School District Board

Fort Wayne Daily News, September 19, 2006 
Passion is the word for comments on SEA 529

The Evening Star, September 17, 2006 
SEA 529 addresses several facets of childcare, healthcare

Fort Wayne Daily News, September 17, 2006 
The Bill Nobody Wants to Claim

The Evening Star, September 17, 2006 
DOE outlines its mental health plan for children

Fort Wayne Daily News, September 15, 2006 
Invaluable help or invasion of civil rights?

Flagler Times, September 13, 2006 
TeenScreen Loses Funding

Freedom's Phoenix, September 3, 2006 
We All Should Scream At “TEENSCREEN”

NewsTarget.com, August 30, 2006  
Worse than anything Stalin could have imagined

Kansas City Star, August 29, 2006  
Schools should reject implementation of screening programs

Kansas City Star, Aug. 28, 2006  
What is schools’ duty in children’s mental health?

Kansas City Star, August 26, 2006  
Inviting “Big Brother” into our homes

The Reporter (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin), August 23, 2006  
Bogus program - Teen Screen

Culpeper Star Exponent, August 17, 2006  
Suicide ‘screening’ group going about it the wrong way

Newsday, August 8, 2006  
Study backs kids' drug-suicide link

Providence Journal, August 6, 2006  
Debate heats up over screening teens for suicide risk

Pocono Record, August 5, 2006  
TeenScreen program faces backlash

The Times (London), August 4, 2006  
It's a High Oh Silver Lining

WOMANTalk, August 3, 2006  
Stop Universal Mental Health Screening for Teens

OpEdNews.com, August 1, 2006  
TeenScreen - Normal Kids Labeled Mentally Ill

WNDU.com, July 30, 2006  
Rally held to defeat children's mental health bill

thepeoplesvoice.org, July 29, 2006  
The Selling of Suicide for Profit

WFRN News, July 28, 2006  
A big family and freedom rally

HealthSentinel.com, July 27, 2006  
Are Your Children Crazy?

The Windsor Star, July 27, 2006  
Everyday problems not always mental illness

Littleton Independent, July 20, 2006  
Suicide prevention funding protested

NewsWithViews.com, July 18, 2006 
Drugged Civil Disobedience

OpEdnews.com, July 17, 2006 
TeenScreen Mental Illness Screening In Schools - How Could This Happen?

The Baltimore Sun, July 17, 2006 
Ever-growing list of mental illnesses met by skepticism

Lawyers and Settlements, July 17, 2006 
Prescription Drug Pusher In Schools

Patriot Ledger, July 8, 2006 
School worker pressured parent, allowed ADHD evaluation of student without Parental Consent

Planet Chiropractic, June 26, 2006 
Profits in the Schoolyard

NewsWithViews.com, June 26, 2006 
Mental Health, Education and Social Control

Times Herald, June 22, 2006 
Mental Health Screening is Totally Bogus

The Record Searchlight (Redding, CA), June 19, 2006 
Comments from All Over

Psychiatric News, June 16, 2006 
Curie Announces Resignation As SAMHSA Director

thepeoplesvoice.org, June 16, 2006 
What Teenscreen Doesn't Want You to Know about Parental Consent

Washington Post, June 16, 2006 
TeenScreen provides "Hilda" to Washington Post

Washington Post, June 16, 2006 
Suicide-Risk Tests for Teens Debated

Independent American Party of Nevada, June 15, 2006 
TeenScreen? What you need to know

Sploid, June 9, 2006 
Crazy Pills for All American Kids!

California Chronicle, June 5, 2006 
Would You Give Your Child Cocaine?

Oregon State University, The Daily Barometer, 05/31/2006 
Letter: "For Heaven's sake! Think for Yourselves"

Psyched Out, May 29, 2006 
Something Wicked This Way Comes.

jointogether.org, May 26, 2006 
SAMHSA Director Submits Resignation

ifeminists.com, May 24, 2006 
The Trouble With TeenScreen

The National Journal, May 20, 2006 
Mental Health - Nature or Nuture?

United Press International, May 18, 2006 
Screening for Teen Depression

OpEdNews.com, May 14, 2006 
The Plan to Drug American School Children

htrnews.com, Manitowoc Wisconsin, May 12, 2006 
Re Prevention Program Funded by Federal Grant

thepeoplesvoice.org, May 10, 2006 
TeenScreen and Psychiatry - Pseudo-Science or Scam?

psychminded.co.uk, May 10, 2006 
Screen Test

Battle Creek Enquirer, April 8, 2006 
TeenScreen Turns Kids into Mental Patients

OpEdNews.com, April 4, 2006 
Is it Really Anxiety Disorder?

Toledo Blade, April 2, 2006 
Psychiatric Drugs Fail Us and Our Children

Palm Coast Lifestyle Magazine, Apr/May 2006 
A Questionable Questionnaire

thepeoplesvoice.org, March 28, 2006 
Is it really ADHD?

The Arizona Republic, March 25, 2006 
Psychiatric Screening of Kids is a Real Threat

Tucson Citizen, March 24, 2006 
Effects of antipsychotic drugs

Magic City Morning Star, March 21, 2006 
Government's Big Lie

Tampa Tribune, March 19, 2006 
Questions Raised on Teen Screening

SouthEast Messenger, March 13, 2006 
Questioning TeenScreen

Arkansas Democrat Gazette, March 11, 2006 
Under Intense Criticism Nationally

campusreportonline.net, March 10, 2006 
Saving Kids or Doping Them

Health Lies Exposed, March 3, 2006 
Crazy Makers

SouthEast Messenger, February 27, 2006 
TeenScreen Not the Answer

Education News, February 22, 2006 
The Psychological Harm of TeenScreen

Columbus Dispatch, February 20, 2006 
TeenScreen brings Big Brother into school

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 17, 2006 
Signs of Trouble

The Sierra Times, February 13, 2006 
TeenScreen Calls Physical Illness a Mental Disorder

SouthEast Messenger, February 13, 2006 
Is TeenScreen Needed in Pickerington Schools?

Tampa Tribune, February 12, 2006 
Local Schools Lack Screening

The Minnesota Daily, February 10, 2006 
TeenScreen Doesn't Work

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 09, 2006 
Schools say students are referred for help. Critics fear abuse

Columbus Dispatch, February 07, 2006 
TeenScreen has made suicide problem worse

The Minnesota Daily, February 07, 2006 
Family Values, Not Drugs

The Minnesota Daily, February 3, 2006 
Find the Cause

Elkhart Truth, February 2, 2006 
Protesters Gather

Minnesota Daily, February 2, 2006 
Marketing depression and turning a profit

Wisconsin Christian News, February 1, 2006 
TeenScreen's Insidious Assault on our Children

The Minnesota Daily, February 1, 2006 
Drugs for all

The Columbus Dispatch, January 30, 2006 
Schools, critics argue value of TeenScreen

Lawyers and Settlements, January 26, 2006 
Drug Marketing Scheme Hits Nation's School System

Ragged Edge Online, January 26, 2006 
Schizophrenia Treatment in 7 Easy Steps

Minnesota Daily, January 25, 2006 
Depression screenings faulty

American Chronicle, January 23, 2006 
America The Insane

The Pilot-Independent, January 17, 2006 
Another viewpoint on Suicide

South Bend Tribune, January 16, 2006 
Parents now required to give consent for evaluations.

Pocono Record, January 15, 2006 
No go in Pocono

Worcester Telegram & Gazette, January 9, 2006 
More mental health screening a bad idea

EducationNews, January 2, 2006 
The Making of Mental Patients

Psychiatric Times, January 1, 2006 
Groups Press Currie on Screening

Los Angeles Times, January 1, 2006 
Psychiatry's sick compulsion: turning weaknesses into diseases

Education Advocate, Jan/Feb, 2006 
Harmful Questionnaire - TeenScreen

Tampa Tribune, December 31, 2005 
The Drug Industry's latest money-maker

Tampa Tribune, December 31, 2005 
No Suicide Epidemic Exists

Tampa Tribune, December 28, 2005 

NewsWithViews.com, December 24, 2005 
TeenScreen and the Created Crisis, Part II

NewsWithViews.com, December 24, 2005 
TeenScreen and the Created Crisis, Part I

Chicago Daily Herald, December 22, 2005 
Intrusive mental health screening

New York Times, December 18, 2005 
Danger Signs

OpEd News, December 17, 2005 
TeenScreen - New York Times - Danger Signs

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 15, 2005 
Mental Illness is not the Issue

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 15, 2005 
Hands Off My Childrens' brains

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 15, 2005 
No TeenScreen in Schools

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 15, 2005 
TeenScreen: An Outrage

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 15, 2005 
People with Mental Illness Deserve Better

Chicago Indy Media, December 15, 2005 
The Genesis of President Bush’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 15, 2005 
TeenScreen: Kicking a Dead Horse

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 15, 2005 
TeenScreen: Looking for a Market Share

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 15, 2005 
Get the Behavior Mumbo Jumbo Out of Schools

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 15, 2005 
TeenScreen Just a Technique to Avoid Parenting

Star-Ledger, December 13, 2005 
Survey now under siege

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 13, 2005 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 13, 2005 
TeenScreen not Based on Brain Research

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 12, 2005 
Screenings prompt fears of false labels

I-Newswire.com, December 6, 2005 
Kids Taking "Suicide Surveys" in Schools

Pressbox.co.uk, December 4, 2005 
The Lies, The Shrinks & The Suicide Survey

Crusador, December 2005 
Crazy Makers

Journal News, December 1, 2005 
Our children are students, not patients

The Morning Journal, November 28, 2005 
TeenScreen Frightening

NewsWithViews.com, November 27, 2005 
The Myth of ADHD

Chattanooga Times Free Press, November 25, 2005 
Undermining Parental Control

Eagle Forum, November 23, 2005 
Activist Court Protects Mental Screening Of Kids

Illinois Times, November 23, 2005 
Law Could Stigmatize Children

Illinois Family Institute, November 19, 2005 
Ninth Circuit Ruling Puts Parental Rights, and Home Schools in Peril

Journal News, November 18, 2005 
Don't Trust TeenScreen

Dayton Daily News, November 14, 2005 
TeenScreen Responds

Associated Content, November 7, 2005 
Overmedicated Youth for the Pursuit of Profit

Forest Park Review, November 1, 2005 
TeenScreen in Forest Park?

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, October 31, 2005 
Don't screen children for mental illness

Dayton Daily News October 28, 2005 
Computer: your kid has “disorders”

Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier, October 25, 2005 
Teen Screen critique was correct

InfoWars.com, October 17, 2005 
TeenScreen: Welcome to the Psychiatric State

Cleveland Plain Dealer, October 13, 2005 
Will school suicide screenings open Pandora's Box?

British Medical Journal, October 12, 2005 
Re US Teenager's Parents Sue School over Depression Screening Test

The Lantern, October 10, 2005 
Teen Screen funds needed elsewhere

The Lantern, October 10, 2005 
Suicide Screenings Harm Students

The Lantern, October 10, 2005 
Lack of Knowledge Causes Depression

The Lantern, October 7, 2005 
Keep ADHD drugs away from Teens

Las Vegas Review Journal, October 2, 2005 
They Don't Tolerate Competing Drug Dealers

British Medical Journal, October 1, 2005 
US teenager's parents sue school over depression screening test

Cleveland Plain Dealer, October 1, 2005 
Debate is Heating Up

Golden Triangle Media, September 9, 2005 
School Passes on Screening Teenagers

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, September 25, 2005 
Beware TeenScreen

Agape Press, September 23, 2005 
Attorney: School Mental Health Screenings Violate Students' Privacy, Parents' Rights

WHAS11.com, Louisville, September 21, 2005 
Family sues over mental health screening at school

Dr. Laibow’s Health Freedom Blog, September 21, 2005 
Please Protect Your Children From TeenScreen

Louisville Courier Journal, September 21, 2005 
Girl's parents sue St. Joseph's schools

FortWayne.com, September 21, 2005 
South Bend family sues over school mental test

Indianapolis Star, September 21, 2005 
Mental health test spurs suit by parents

Science Daily, September 21, 2005 
Indiana Teen Suicide Survey Sparks Lawsuit

South Bend Tribune, September 20, 2005 
Family sues P-H-M, Madison Center, Federal Lawsuit related to teen suicide prevention screening

WNDU-TV, September 19, 2005 
Lawsuit filed against PHM for Teen Screen

The Rutherford Institute, September 19, 2005 
Rutherford Institute Attorneys Sue Indiana for Conducting Mental Health Screening Exam on Teenager Without Parental Consent

Toledo Blade, September 18, 2005 
Opposition grows to mental-health screening by schools

Indianapolis Star, September 18, 2005 
Teen privacy concerns spur suit over psych test

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, September 18, 2005 
Fierce opposition arises to mental health screening in schools

British Medical Journal, September 17, 2005 
TeenScreen is for Big Pharma

British Medical Journal, September 16, 2005 
Bush unveils mental health action plan

Concerned Women for America, August 31, 2005 
Federal Program Urges Radical Overhaul of Mental Health System

Las Vegas Review Journal, August 30, 2005 
Activists say mental health screenings without parental consent could become mandatory

Campusreportonline.net, August 25, 2005 
Disabled by Design

The Rutherford Institute, August 22, 2005 
TeenScreen: One Family's Story

Holistic Junction, July 29, 2005 
TeenScreen - Another Gross Distortion

Christian Communication Network, July 18, 2005 
Shut Up and Pass the Prozac

PsychologyDebunked.com, July 17, 2005 
TeenScreen: Gateway to labeling and drugging your children in the name of education

Congressional Quarterly Weekly, July 16, 2005 
Battlefield Congress

Econ-Atrocity Bulletin, July 13, 2005 
Mandating Mental Health

NewsWithViews.com, June 30, 2005 
Mental Health, Education and Social Control

US Fed News, June 27, 2005 
Federal Funding for Mental Health Screening of Kids

Salt Lake City Weekly June 23, 2005 
TeenScreen letters

Agape Press, June 22, 2005 
School Mental Health Screening Prompts Family's Fight for Privacy, Parental Rights

Illinois Leader, June 21, 2005 
Readers react to TeenScreen, compulsory mental health screening -- 5 letters

Abdul in the Morning! NewsTalk 1430 AM, June 17, 2005 
Test without Consent

LincolnDailyNews.com, June 17, 2005 
Gov. Blagojevich's mental health plan sparks lawsuit against school in Indiana

Illinois Family Institute, June 16, 2005 
TeenScreen: Mental Health and the Usurpation of parental rights

Indianapolis Star, June 16, 2005 
A quiz can't assess teens' mental health

The Illinois Leader, June 16, 2005 
TeenScreen "intervention and prevention" tramples parental authority

Coles County Leader, June 13, 2005 
TeenScreen goes too far in avoiding parental rights

CatholicCitizens.org, Catholic citizens of Illinois, June 10, 2005 
Indiana family sues high school over non-consensual adolescent mental health screening

South Bend Tribune, June 9, 2005 
Possible lawsuit looms in TeenScreen school case

WNDU-TV, June 8, 2005 
Osceola family suing over teen screen survey

Dissident Voice, June 7, 2005 
Portrait of Laurie Flynn, TeenScreen's Top Pill Pusher

Illinois Family Institute, June 3, 2005 
Mental Health: teen screening and parental consent

OpEdNews.com, May 29, 2005 
TeenScreen - Who pays for treatment and drugs?

Holistic Junction, May 23, 2005 
Bush: Texas 2 step - TeenScreen & TMAP

CounterPunch.org, May 21, 2005 
TeenScreen, State-Drugging and Suicide

Practical Homeschooling, May 1, 2005 
A clear and present danger

TruthOut.org, April 25, 2005 
Bush-Backed Drug Marketing Schemes

Tampa Tribune, April 20, 2005 
Know Facts About Drugging Children

OnLine Journal, April 18, 2005 
Crusader for kids against TeenScreen

Dissident Voice, April 12, 2005 
TeenScreen: Angel of Mercy or Pill Pusher

Des Moines Register, March 21, 2005 
Schools' suicide survey examined

The Truth, March 2, 2005 
Screening program suspended

South Bend Tribune, March 1, 2005 
Mental health screening test under study

Psychiatric Times, March 1, 2005 
Mental Health Screening Controversy Continues

WNDU-TV, February 29, 2005 
Heated Discussion at PHM Board Meeting

South Bend Tribune, February 26, 2005 
P-H-M school chief: Further use of TeenScreen will be postponed for review

WNDU-TV, February 25, 2005 
Parents seek to eliminate suicide survey

Tampa Bay Newspapers, February 1, 2005 
Shern's Assertions Just aren't Convincing

US Fed News, January 31, 2005 
Rep. Paul: Don't Let Congress Fund Orwellian Psychiatric Screening of Kids

South Bend Tribune, January 28, 2005 
TeenScreen process angers some

Ifeminists.com, January 26, 2005 
NAMI Is Dead Wrong On Mental Health Screening

South Bend Tribune, January 25, 2005 
P-H-M to review mental health test

Red Flags, January 24, 2005 
Screening America's children for mental illness: fallacy or fraud?

Christian Science Monitor, January 20, 2005 
Screening a child's mind

South Bend Tribune, January 19, 2005 
Student's parents object to Teenscreen notice

Home Education Magazine, January 2005 
Increased Mental Health Screening? Are You Crazy!?!

Welland Tribune (Ontario), December 22, 2004 
Republicans have Family Under Political Attack

New York Post, December 5, 2004 
Pill Pushers in HS Suicide-Screening Program

American Family Physician, December 1, 2004 
No Evidence that Screening for Suicide Risk Reduces Suicide Attempts or Mortality

NewsWithViews.com, November 29, 2004 
The New Freedom: Old Orwellian Doublethink

EagleForum.org, November 24, 2004 
No Child Left Unmedicated

EagleForum.org, November 24, 2004 
No Child Left Unmedicated

The New American, November 15, 2004 
Psychiatry and the State

The New American, November 15, 2004 
Planned Therapeutic Nanny State

The Washington Times, October 31, 2004 
Go slow on mental health screening

The Rutherford Institute, October 18, 2004 
An Orwellian Nightmare: Mandatory Mental Health Screening of Children

The Washington Times, October 17, 2004 
Bush's Brave New World

NewsWithViews.com, August 27, 2004  
Compulsory Mental Health Screening is Coming

The Illinois Leader, July 26, 2004 
Leader readers express outrage with mental health screening plan for expectant mothers and children 18 yrs and younger

British Medical Journal, June 19, 2004 
Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness