Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin Case Wrapping Up


Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin

Defence lawyers for Dr. Aubrey Levin spent Tuesday cross-examining the Crown’s last witness: the former girlfriend of the man who first went to authorities with allegations against the psychiatrist.

Co-counsel Karen Molle questioned the woman about inconsistencies in her earlier testimony against Levin, who is accused of fondling the genitals of nine former patients — most of whom were on court-ordered visits to his office.

The woman — whose identity is protected by a publication ban along with her former boyfriend’s — initially testified she took her former partner to approximately 50 appointments with Levin over a five-year period, mainly at night.

However, medical records entered into evidence showed the man — referred to as RB — went to only 18 sessions in that time.

Molle also said RB’s medical records showed most of the appointments happened during the day.

“You want the jury to think Dr. Levin and (RB) were all alone in the hospital,” Molle said.

“No, that’s not correct,” she responded.

The allegations against Levin, 73, first came to light after RB secretly recorded two sessions at his office in March 2010 using a wristwatch equipped with a camera.

RB and his girlfriend also turned over pictures of his penis, saying they depicted injuries Levin inflicted during a session in Feb. 2010.

“I’m suggesting the Feb. 16, 2010, injury to (RB’s) penis was self-inflicted. I’m suggesting the reason he did it and the reason you photographed it was to enhance (RB’s) civil lawsuit against Dr. Levin,” Molle said.

“Absolutely not,” RB’s former girlfriend replied.

Court heard earlier RB’s civil suit against Levin is seeking $4.5 million in damages.

Video recordings of RB’s sessions with Levin were previously played in court, and showed the doctor touching his genitals.

Levin has pleaded not guilty to all allegations and said in a videotaped statement to police also played in court that he was conducting medical procedures related to erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted diseases.

During cross-examination of RB’s former girlfriend, Molle asked her if any recordings he made had been edited, or if other files were discarded.

“As far as I know, nothing has been deleted,” she said.

The jury has been excused until Friday, when it’s expected Molle and co-counsel Chris Archer will make a decision on whether they will call any witnesses for the defence.

Lawyers for both sides will be back in court Thursday to make legal arguments in front of Justice Donna Shelley without the jury present.