Psychiatrist Michael Fischbein, Sweden, convicted for licking a patient’s feet


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The doctor was sentenced to have licked patients – blaming the victims
By Jesper Lindqvist
March 22, 2019

The case with a doctor who was convicted in the district court for having licked on their patients’ feet ends during Friday in the Court of Appeal. The 64-year-old doctor denies the charges, and instead questions the patients’ stories. “You have to keep in mind that these women have a bad score, they have had some mental health problems,” says doctor Michael Fischbein.

The patients sought care from the psychiatrist and then ended up with the 64-year-old doctor. The abuse should have been going on for three years according to the patients themselves, something Metro has previously reported.

In total, these are six women who, with coherent stories, testify to how the doctor’s approach became worse each time they were seen. In addition to loving compliments, the doctor should have shown a great interest in their feet, which according to one of the women led to him, among other things, brushing their feet. He should also have sucked on a woman’s fingers.

Prosecutor Ida Arnell does not want to go into any details regarding the ongoing trial in the Court of Appeal, but says that the women’s stories have been credible.

What one can say is that the plaintiff’s tasks have had strong support from each other, I think it was a strong contributing factor to the district court’s opinion that he was guilty, she says.

The lawyer: “The women are not reliable”

In the district court, the doctor was sentenced to conditional judgment and day fines. He was also sentenced to pay just over SEK 9,000 in damages to each of the six women. The doctor, however, chose to appeal the judgment, and the negotiations in the court of appeal are scheduled to end on Friday.

Through his lawyer, the doctor denies the allegations, and says that the women have misunderstood his actions.

– You have to keep in mind that these women have a bad score, that they have had certain mental problems and have been under strong medication. They may have misunderstood my client’s care, which has certainly not had any sexual signs, says lawyer Michael Fischbein.

Regarding the accusations that the doctor should brush a patient on his feet and suck on another’s fingers, Michael Fischbein completely denies.

– When words stand against words, support is required, which I mean does not exist. In addition, it is required that the plaintiff is both credible and reliable. I mean that women are not reliable because of their condition. Then I ask myself why they continued to meet the doctor after they experienced themselves unfaithful, why didn’t they say? And why haven’t they told anyone about this before? It’s a bit incomprehensible, he says.

Prosecutors want to see stricter penalties

The prosecutors were also not satisfied with the district court’s judgment, and in connection with the judgment they submitted a so-called connection law.

“I have previously claimed that he should have a more severe sanction, and in my plea I will demand that he be sentenced to prison instead of conditional,” says Ida Arnell.

Negotiations in Svea Court of Appeal will be concluded on Friday.