Scientologist “on a personal mission to expose psychiatric fraud”

Oshkosh Northwestern Scientologist urging school board to abandon mental health screenings Adam Rodewald September 24, 2013 A Florida man on a personal mission to expose psychiatric fraud is urging the Oshkosh school board not to screen local teens for thoughts of suicide. The school board will vote tonight to offer free mental health screenings to […]

PsychSearch – Relentless Pursuit of Records on Psychiatrists

Madville Times DSS Admits Public-Records Error with Release of Doctors Excluded from Medicaid By Cory Allen Heidelberger December 28, 2013 Ken Kramer’s public-records tussle with the Department of Social Services shows South Dakota state government’s unhealthy addiction to secrecy. The Florida man made a simple request last summer: he wanted to know the name of […]