Psych Kim Hyun-chul, Korea, inappropriate sexual relationships with patients, posted private information about one of his patients online – expelled from psych group

Korean Biomedical Review Korean psychiatrists bolster ethics education after ‘You Ah-in incident’ By Marian Chu April 20, 2018 The Korean Neuropsychiatric Association said Thursday that it would add an ethics portion to the exam for psychiatric specialists following a controversial psychiatrist tweeting that a top Korean celebrity had bipolar disorder in December. The psychiatrist Kim […]

Korean Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul deletes twitter account after netizens complain

Koogle Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul under fire Jun Ko December 20, 2017 Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul first became known when he appeared on ‘Infinity Challenge’. His second appearance to the world ended up less than satisfactory when he publicly diagnosed actor Yoo Ah In with hypomania. He had ended up apologizing for his diagnosis after […]