Indian Psychiatrists Protest the Arrests of Two of their Own – arrests “sent shockwaves in the entire psychiatry community”

Indian Express Psychiatrists protest arrest of two colleagues, stop prescribing drug to addicts By Raakhi Jagga December 23, 2014 [...]

Colin Brewer, Psychiatrist, license was revoked, his clinic was a drug “grocery” where addicts could get any drug they wanted, Now He Admits to Killing 7 patients in Assisted Suicide, only one of which was terminally ill Psychiatrist Admits to Killing Seven Patients in Assisted Suicides, Just One Was Terminally Ill by Sarah Zagorski December 17, [...]

Francis Bostock, psychiatrist, billed medicare for sex with patient – Judge orders him to pay patient $400,000

Sydney Morning Herald Former psychiatrist Francis Bostock ordered to pay damages to patient he abused By Julia Medew December 16, [...]

James Hanley, psychiatrist, license revoked for sexual misconduct in 2 provinces, but Alberta issues him another

​CBC News Psychiatrist who lost licence in N.B., NL, practising in Alberta Dr. James Hanley, who admitted having sex with [...]