Aaron Voon, Perth Child Psychiatrist, Arrested for Videotaping a Boy Peeing in a Canadian Movie Theater

WA News Perth child psychiatrist 'caught filming boy' in Canadian toilets By Emma Young May 30 2016 Psychiatrist Aaron [...]

Naimetulla Syed

News Times Newtown doctor accused of fraud to pay over $400,000 By Nelson Oliveira May 26, 2016 A Newtown psychiatrist [...]

Stephen Olson & Charles Schulz, Minnesota Psychiatrists – Reprimanded after dead patient’s private records posted online

City Pages U of M psychiatrists reprimanded after dead patient's private records posted online May 26, 2016 By Susan Du [...]

Clarence Verdell, Philadelphia Psychiatrist, Suspended by State, says stories like his have a chilling effect on psychiatrists

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette OVERDOSED special report Suboxone doctor drew DEA search By Rich Lord May 23, 2016 Psychiatrist Clarence Verdell [...]

Irwin Rosenfeld, Orange County Psychiatrist – history of excessively prescribing – stopped, for now, by Judge

Orange County Register Laguna Hills psychiatrist barred from prescribing narcotics By Jenna Chandler May 19, 2016 Psychiatrist Irwin Rosenfeld [...]

William Hamilton Ayres, Calif. Psychiatrist, Convicted Child Molester, Dies in Prison, Lawsuit Against Him Lives On

Daily Journal Child molester dies in prison: Civil case remains against former child psychiatrist William Ayres By Samantha Weigel May [...]

Letter by Marilyn Monroe describes her excruciating Psych Hospital Experience: “A very bad effect” – Committed by Psychiatrist Marianne Kris – Copy of 1961 letter to be auctioned off

People Marilyn Monroe's Harrowing Letter Detailing Her Sanitarium Stay BY Liz McNeil and Kathy Ehrich Dowd May 10, 2016 In [...]

Yehuda Baruch, Israeli Psychiatrist, Former Director of Psychiatric Hospital, Accused of Sexually Abusing Suicidal Patient

Haaretz Former Director of Israeli Psychiatric Hospital Accused of Sexually Abusing Suicidal Patient Ronny Linder-Ganz, Ido Efrati and Sharon Pulwer [...]