PsychSearch was created as a public service on Christmas Day 2003.   

We conducted research into categories of psychiatric misconduct by surveying anti-psychiatry activists and mental health professionals. Fraud, Human Rights Violations, Psychiatric Drugging and Criminal Behavior were among the most prominent abuses which led to the establishment of PsychSearch.net.  

We research, compile and provide documents on psychiatrists. 

We believe the public has a right to access these documents easily. 

If we are missing a record on a psychiatrist, please let us know where we can find it.


Ken KramerPrivate Investigator
Creator of PsychSearch.net
Trish O'HaraResearcher
Document specialist and government liaison
Compiles the world’s largest collection of records on psychiatrists
Mike ManoogianLogo Designer par excellence and Art Advisor
Colin TauferColumnist
Fact Finder. Wordsmith. Advocate.
Maudi TauferAdministrator
In-charge of our complaints intake unit
Salman AkhtarGraphics Designer
“Design is the silent ambassador of your Brand or Company”
Contributing Cartoonists
Jonathan Brown
Rick Rogers
Horst Dubiel