Dr. William Lewek Faces New Charges
December 29, 2014

Psychiatrist William Lewek

Psychiatrist William Lewek

The Rochester psychiatrist accused of burying Matthew Straton’s body in his backyard on Rowley Street nearly a year ago faces new charges. Police arrested Dr. William Lewek Saturday on misdemeanor drug and alcohol charges.

Another disappointing roadblock for Straton’s mother, Kym Straton. This weekend, Kym learned the man charged with burying her son in his backyard last January and covering it up faces DWAI charges.

“I think it just goes to show the man’s character. His disregard for the law. His disregard for human life. I mean, if he’s out there drinking and driving, anything could happen. He could hurt someone else,” said Kym Straton, Matthew Straton’s mother.

On Saturday, Irondequoit police charged William Lewek, 62, with driving while ability impaired by drugs and alcohol and traffic violations. Just three months ago, Lewek was hospitalized after he drove his car over an embankment into the Niagara River. Police had to rescue him from the water.

For a mother still grieving the death of her 31 year old son, Lewek’s arrest is another blow.

“It, um, it upsets me. He should have been in jail. If it were anybody else. If he wasn’t a doctor. If he wasn’t a man with money, he’d still be sitting in jail, I believe. And he’s out. And he’s doing all, this is just another incidence,” said Straton.

In October 2013, Matthew Straton, 31, went missing. His body was discoveed on January 15 in Lewek’s backyard. Lewek told police he hid the body after Straton died while the two were doing drugs. But the cause of Matthew’s death was never deterimined and Lewek was never charged with his death.

Instead, he’s facing trial for evidence tampering and drug possession. Lewek tried- but failed, to have his case tried in drug diversion program. For Kym, enough is enough.

“I know that whatever happens is never going to bring Matt back. But until this is over, I cannot. I cannot process the fact that, I need an end to this. I need to be able to realize and process the fact that Matt’s never coming home. And I just still believe that this man had something to do with it,” said Straton.

Lewek is being held in the Monroe County jail on these new charges. There’s no word on how the arrest will impact his trial, which is scheduled to begin in February.