Women, Beware of Psychiatrists!
By Colin Taufer
November 2016

beware-of-psychiatristsOver the last many months I have written a number of columns for PsychSearch. I’ve covered a variety of topics from brain damaging electroshock “therapy” to the horrifying reality of one million American children under the age of 5 on psychiatric drugs. After every article I receive emails from readers, most from America but others from as far as England and Australia. Interestingly, amazingly in fact, I can neatly categorize the writers of these emails into two groups. One group consists of those sending words of support for my message of bringing psychiatry to justice. The second group consists of those who have been directly victimized by psychiatrists and have horror stories to tell. Alarmingly, the authors of this latter group of emails have all been female, everyone of them. I have yet to receive any emails from men suffering at the hands of psychiatry.

Form their own words, I’ve learned of forced druggings, of having their clothes stripped from their bodies and their arms and legs forcibly restrained by male attendants, of confusion and blurred thinking from electroshocks and of maimed limbs.

The World Health Organization reports that doctors are more likely to diagnose depression in women compared with men, even when they present identical symptoms and female gender is a significant predictor of being prescribed mood altering psychotropic drugs.

Before writing this article I searched through the pages of PsychSearch itself and saw this same pattern: women preyed on by psychs. Criminal psychiatrists can be broken into two groups. The first group commits fraud and steals money. The second group is comprised of male psychiatrists who sexually abuse women and children.

From a personal perspective, I offer another example to make my point. As a teenager I had a friend who was studying to get into the field of medicine. In addition to his academic work, during college he gained experience doing entry-level jobs in various medical facilities. He enjoyed his time doing these apprenticeships. He told me of the things he learned, his positive experiences and he was a good student of the science. One of the worst experiences he had on any apprenticeship happened at a mental health care facility and forever changed his opinion of the mental health profession and those who ran them. The problem? A senior coworker had repeatedly sexually abused a female patient under the hospital’s care. To this day I am still amazed that of all the experiences he shared with me about his medical training, the only one that was negative involved his time working with (criminal) psychologists and psychiatrists.

This multiple choice question from this video by CCHR, makes the point quite sharply: Where is a woman most likely to become a victim of rape? A) Public Park, B) College Campus, C) Psych Ward. The answer, of course, is C.

Last week in Ontario Canada psychiatrist Robert Crozier had his license revoked for sexual assaults on female patients. The disciplinary committee which stripped him of his license had these words for Crozier: “…you have shamed and disgraced not only yourself but the profession as a whole and your conduct cannot and will not be tolerated…Crozier, you will now leave this chambers a disgraced physician.”

But this is not about one psychiatrist, this is a systematic nightmare throughout the psychiatric profession. The time has come for psychiatry to leave this world a disgraced practice. Let us make it so.

Colin Taufer

Colin Taufer


Welcome to my monthly column. I am a career educator, writer and lifelong advocate for human rights. With each article, I hope to shine a light into the dark world of psychiatry to make stronger champions of human rights, to stir into action, to enlighten. As always, I appreciate feedback from readers. I can be reached at Colin@PsychSearch.net