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Former GovGuam psychiatrist charged, accused of harassment
By Jerick Sablan
February 8, 2021

Former GovGuam psychiatristA local judge found probable cause for criminal charges of official misconduct and harassment against former Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness psychiatrist Dr. Abner Pasatiempo on Monday.

Last week, the Office of the Attorney General lodged a criminal complaint against Pasatiempo, but details of the complaint couldn’t be released until the court decided there was probable cause.

A summons has been issued to Pasatiempo and his next court hearing is on March 5 before Judge Bejamin Sison Jr, according to a release from the AG’s office.

The complaint against Dr. Abner Pasatiempo involves seven counts of official misconduct and seven counts of harassment.

Pasatiempo was an employee at the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center until Dec. 13, 2019, when he resigned. The offenses in the complaint occurred at appointments or sessions with the Pasatiempo between March 2018 and December 2019, the complaint stated.

Under Guam law, a misdemeanor or petty misdemeanor crime must be charged within one year of the date the incident occurs. However, there is an exception to the general rule when the offense is based on misconduct in office by a public employee, the release stated.

All of the offenses occurred when Pasatiempo was a government employee and are based on misconduct in office.

When the offense is based on misconduct in office, prosecution can commence against a public official or employee during their employment or within three years after their employment ends, the release stated.

Official misconduct is a misdemeanor offense and carries a jail term of up to one year and up to a $1,000 fine per count. Harassment is a petty misdemeanor offense and carries a jail term of up to 60 days and up to a $500 fine.

Details of the charges

The complaint filed with the court provides details of the alleged harassment Pasatiempo did to several women under his care.

Sometime between Feb. 1, 2019, to Feb. 28, 2019, the first woman went to an appointment with Pasatiempo at Guam Behavioral Health where she discussed her wish to get off anti-depressant medications. Pasatiempo told the woman she might feel anxiety due to stopping the medications and there were pressure points that would help her if she felt anxiety, documents state.

He then stood behind her to show her the pressure points, and while doing this Pasatiempo moved his hands to each of her shoulders with his fingers pointed down and moved his hands down towards both her breasts, documents state.

With his fingers nearly touching her breasts, he squeezed lightly and the woman pulled away and asked what the doctor was doing. She told him she felt uncomfortable and he shouldn’t do that, the complaint stated.

Between March 2018 and December 2018, a second woman had sessions with Pasatiempo at the inpatient unit at Behavioral Health. During these sessions, Pasatiempo would ask the woman whether she had a boyfriend and “how do you please yourself when you’re horny,” the complaint stated. The woman wouldn’t answer the questions as they made her uncomfortable.

Around the same time period, a third woman was having sessions with Pasatiempo while she was an inmate at the Department of Corrections. He would ask her inappropriate questions, such as “What do you do in there when you’re horny? You obviously can’t have sex there,” the complaint stated.

Between June 2019 and October 2019, a fourth woman was seeing Pasatiempo about once a month and he would change her medications and increase the doses. After prescribing one medication Pasatiempo, asked if the woman was sexually active and whether she was hornier after taking the medication for a month, documents state.

Pasatiempo also asked her if she was ever sexually assaulted or molested as a child, and when she responded yes, he asked her if she liked it, the complaint states.

In October 2019, the woman brought another woman along with her to the appointment, and Pasatiempo asked them to join him in his office, where he stated at them in silence for about a minute. This made the woman uncomfortable. He then told them they were beautiful and that it was a shame they used drugs, the complaint states.

Pasatiempo then offered to get them a house or go off-island so they could stay together, and he offered to pay for it, documents state.

Between March 2018 and December 2019, a fifth woman had sessions with Pasatiempo and said he would comment how pretty she was, asked whether she sold herself for drugs, asked if she was sexually active and asked if she had orgasms, questions which made her uncomfortable, the complaint stated.

Between March 2018 and October 2019, a sixth woman has sessions with Pasatiempo where he would ask if she was sexually active and what she would do when she was sexually active, the complaint states. These questions made her uncomfortable. He also asked the woman to stand up and turn around and told her that her body was desirable like Marilyn Monroe, documents state.

Between March 2018 and December 2019, a seventh woman had sessions with Pasatiempo where he would ask her about her sex life and how she would climax, the complaint states.

During one of the sessions the woman told Pasatiempo she wouldn’t let anyone touch her backside because of a past incident, and he responded by motioning his hips forward and stating that she “cannot do doggy style,” documents state. Pasatiempo’s questions caused the woman to feel weird and uncomfortable, according to the complaint.