The Highlander (Marble Falls, Texas)
Psychiatrist charged with controlled substance prescription violations
By James Walker
January 17, 2014

Psychiatrist Barlow Smith

Psychiatrist Barlow Smith

An 84-year-old Marble Falls psychiatrist is in trouble with the law again after he was arrested this week on three charges of Fraudulent Delivery of a Controlled Substance Prescription.

Barlow Smith was indicted on Jan. 7 by a Burnet County Grand Jury and arrested and booked into the county jail Tuesday.

He was released Wednesday after posting $50,000 bail.

Two of the charges are third degree felonies and the other is a second degree felony.

Smith, by actual transfer or constructive transfer, delivered prescriptions for Phentermine to two women and a prescription for Hydrocodone to one of them for other than a valid medical purpose, according to the indictment by the grand jury.

Smith was indicted in 2010 by a Burnet County grand jury and charged with sexual assault.

He forced a female patient to perform a sex act, thereby exploiting her “emotional dependency”, according to the indictment.

That case was dismissed in 2012.