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Jonesboro psychiatrist charged with murder, over-prescribing pain meds
May 18, 2016

Psychiatrist Narendra Nagareddy

Psychiatrist Narendra Nagareddy

Jonesboro psychiatrist Narendra Nagareddy was indicted Wednesday on three counts of murder and 59 counts of issuing unauthorized pain prescriptions, the Clayton County district attorney confirmed.

Nagareddy was charged in the deaths of his former patients Audrey Austin, David Robinson and Cheryl Pennington.

Dubbed “Dr. Death,” Nagareddy was known across metro Atlanta’s Southside as the go-to physician for prescription drug addicts.

Earlier this year, a Drug Enforcement Administration task force arrested him after three dozen of his patients had died while he was prescribing them controlled substances. At the time, investigators said they confirmed through autopsy reports that 12 patients died of prescription drug overdoses but declined to give more information on the other 24 patients

Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson has scheduled a news conference for this afternoon.

Georgia Psychiatrist Narendra Nagareddy