Hallelujah!  The floodgates have opened!   PsychSearch.net is on the move!  A team of crackerjack investigators have been assembled and are compiling the top psych drug prescribers for the entire United States of America!

Most of the states are now uploaded.

You can see where we are now here: List of U.S. Top Psych Drug Prescribers

As the investigation continues and the identifying number of each prescriber is looked up  – the actual name of each prescriber will be revealed to you.   You will then have a reference you can use for ACTION – such as:

1.   Another mass killing?  I wonder if that psychiatrist is on the top prescriber list?  No need to ask anyone!  You can check out the list yourself.

2.  Who is the top psych prescriber in your state?  Check the list!

3.  Who is the top psych prescriber in the country? Eh hem… Find out here: the list.

4.   Is the psychiatrist that just got busted for sexual misconduct down the street on the top prescriber list?

5.  Mr. mainstream reporter, did you know that the psychiatrist you just wrote about is also the top prescriber of Risperdal? You really haven’t seen him on the list?   Sir, Do you know the side effects of Risperdal?  Do you know how much he was paid by Janssen?

6.   Governor, could you take a look at these Medicaid psych drugging expenditures? I found this list on the net. We could reduce that spending and save the state millions.

7.   Mr. President, do you see what your healthcare plan will contribute to?  “Certainly. My people have informed me of the list. Thank you very much.”

8.   Perhaps the overflow of your own creative juices will come up with a new use for THE LIST.

Now, that these experienced investigators have been assembled, the actions necessary to get this DONE is now taking place at breakneck speed.  The only thing needed now is rocket fuel to keep them rocking!  Click the “Support PsychSearch” button on the upper right hand side of this webpage and at least empty the change in your pocket!  Pocket change? Nah, If you ever intend to use the list and you perceive that it could be a useful tool in your endeavors – please do what you can now!   Let’s roll!