Florida Psychiatrist Prosecuted in Criminal Court & Scheduled to Lose License over Sexual Misconduct
By Joel Voss
February 2, 2014

Psychiatrist Ioan Pop

Psychiatrist Ioan Pop

According to a Florida Department of Health Emergency Restriction Order, a subsequent Administrative Complaint and Miami-Dade County Court records, Florida psychiatrist Ioan Pop is scheduled to lose his medical license next month for sexual misconduct with a female patient he was supposed to be treating who had been involuntarily committed to Mount Sinai Medical Center, a psychiatric facility in Miami Beach, Florida.

Pop was placed on probation for twelve months last September by Miami-Dade County Judge Edward Newman. Records state the attack took place in the psychiatric facility last April 27, 2013. According to official documents Pop, “kissed her on the mouth” “asked her about sex” and called her four times after she was released. The patient stated she was “fearful of rejecting Dr. Pop because he was the only physician who could authorize her release” On May 1, 2013 she was released and went to the police as Pop was repeatedly calling her. She allowed a police officer to listen in on one of Pop’s calls where he stated to her “not to discuss the incident at the hospital with anyone” and that he “liked her anatomy and her liked her tongue very much”


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