Mohamad Salah

Mohamed Saleh - Jacksonville, Florida Psychiatrist

Mohamed Saleh – Jacksonville, Florida Psychiatrist

Jacksonville’s “Most Bizarre Shrink” is Disciplined
April 16, 2013
By Joel Voss

On April 5, 2013 Florida psychiatrist Mohamed Saleh appeared before the Florida
Board of Medicine accused of having plead guilty in Nevada to conspiracy to
commit unlawful dispensing of controlled substances, withholding the conviction
from the Board and failing to update his Department of Health online profile
to reflect the conviction.

The Board decided to issue him a reprimand, fines and costs of $5,600.31,
probation of 1 year and a carbon copy of all his prescriptions must be
submitted to the Board for review. Also, 25 percent of his patient’s medical
charts have to be reviewed by the Board.

You will hear the term “PRN” in this video. The term “PRN” stands for Professional
Resource Network which is the Florida Department of Health’s network of doctors
that provide examinations of licensed doctors to determine if they are
impaired mentally or physically.

Saleh has an open criminal DUI case in Jacksonville, Florida at this time.

Videographer: Joel Voss

More info: https://www.psychsearch.net/strange-days/