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71-year-old doctor found dead after sex therapy with patients
‎January 27, 2015‎
By Lee Tae-hoon

yoo korean psychiatrist psychsearch.netA 71-year-old psychiatrist accused of having sexual intercourse with female patients as part of therapy took his own life on Saturday.

The doctor, surnamed Yoo, was found bleeding on the floor of a bathroom at Seoul Medical Association in Yeongdeung at 7:30p.m.

Yoo is believed to have deliberately cut himself on his wrist and neck. He was taken to hospital after receiving first aid from fellow doctors but he passed away.

There was no memo or note found by authorities.

Yoo had been under police investigation for raping a female patient in her 30s. The late doctor claimed that “hug treatment” and “sex treatment” he had administered were legitimate medical therapies.

The Korea Medical Association refuted the psychiatrist’s claims saying that sexual intercourse with patients is unethical and strictly forbidden.

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