Lennart Schoerner, Swedish Psychiatrist, suspected of trading sexual services for prescriptions
Translated from this Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate document

Psychiatrist Lennart Schoerner

Psychiatrist Lennart Schoerner

2020-11-20 Dnr 3.7.2- 57552 / 2020-1 1 (2)
The Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate
Department south IVO

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Malmö 205 90 MALMÖ

The case
Report to prosecution

Healthcare professionals Licensed physician Lennart Schoerner (Appendices 1 and 2)

The Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate (IVO) is prosecuting Lennart Schoerner.

Legal bases
IVO assesses that Lennart Schoerner can reasonably be suspected of buying sexual services in return for money and prescription of drug-classified drugs. Then imprisonment is included in the penalty scale for the above-mentioned crimes, and then prescription prescription takes place during professional practice, IVO has an obligation to do notification of prosecution equal to ch. 7 Section 29 of the Patient Safety Act (2010: 659), PSL.

Circumstances relied on in support of the notification On June 25, 2019, IVO received information from a close relative of one patient that Lennart Schoerner prescribed large amounts of drug-classified medicines for the patient, who has a substance abuse problem. Further it was stated that Lennart Schoerner had used the patient and that it was about blackmail, nudity and the exchange of sexual services (Appendix 3). On 6 August 2019, a notification was received from Region Skåne in accordance with Chapter 3. § 7 PSL, where it i.a. it appears that Lennart Schoerner had prescribed large amounts of drug-classified drugs to a patient, combined them inappropriate, did not follow drug recommendations and broke in record keeping (Appendix 4). Furthermore, it appears from the notification from Region Skåne that Lennart Schoerner been the patient’s treating physician three years ago, when he served in another region, but that he again prescribed drugs to patients. The Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate Dnr 3.7.2- 47552 / 2020-1 2 (2) Copies of medical records, which IVO has requested for an investigation into Lennart Schoerner’s professional practice, show that the patient in question has told a doctor at another care provider that she has been subjected to sexual harassment (Appendix 5). From the recorded conversation with IVO, on 12 November 2020, it appears that Lennart Schoerner at the meeting confirmed that he had had contact with the patient in question on repeated occasions. He also admitted that he had prescribed drug-classified drugs to an extent that is not compatible with the requirements of science and proven experience. He further stated that he had personally lent very large sums of money to the patient for a period of six months. He also confirmed that he was the one who communicated with the patient on Messenger, as the excerpts show (Appendix 6). Lennart Schoerner has stated that he was blackmailed by the patient and that in July 2019 he made a police report about this, ie. before IVO received the notifications against him. During a check with the police authority, however, it emerged that he had made his police report only after the information had been received by IVO (Appendix 7).

IVO wishes to receive part of your position on the application.

Decisions in this case have been made by the unit manager Christina Carlsson. Inspector Desiree Erenius, supervising physician Christina Olsson and ward lawyer Sven Lewin participated in the final proceedings. Inspector Petra Boltes has been the rapporteur. This report has been approved electronically by the unit manager Christina Carlsson and entered into IVO’s case management system.

1. Excerpt from the National Board of Health and Welfare’s register of licensed health and medical staff
2. Excerpt from InfoTorg
3. Related party’s notification to IVO
4. Region Skåne’s notification to IVO
5. Parts of patient records Minutes of meeting with IVO
7. Service note – telephone conversation with the police