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Psychiatrist pleads guilty to defrauding the Social Security
By Mariana Cobian
July 29, 2015

Luis Antonio Escabí Pérez

Psychiatrist Luis Antonio Escabí Pérez was arrested in January with 39 others

Escabi psychiatrist Luis Antonio Perez did plead guilty to defrauding the Social Security to submit reports of non-psychiatric conditions in patients to receive disability benefits, which charged $ 5,000 for each.

The defendant admitted that he defrauded the Social Security by issuing false reports of four patients, who sent a fax events between 2010 and 2014. Patients co-defendants are Edwin Figueroa, Ana Morales and Rafael Dominguez Jesus Figueroa. Otherwise, the patient is identified.

Escabi Perez, 69, replied in the affirmative when Federal Judge Francisco A. Besosa asked if that was what he had done and so pleaded guilty today.

His lawyer, Laura Maldonado, Vanessa and fiscal Bonano, reached an agreement in which a sentence of between two years and three months is recommended, and two years and eight months and restitution of $230,244.

The sentencing was scheduled for 14 January 2016. He remains free on bail.

Escabi Perez, who had medical office in Bayamon, also pleaded guilty to two cases of the same scheme with two other patients, Rosa and Alberto Pabon Sostre Cintron, 17 last July before Federal Judge Juan Perez Gimenez.

The psychiatrist was arrested in January along with 39 other people, of which 29 were beneficiaries of Social Security, charged with conspiracy to defraud the US government, wire fraud, theft of government property, providing false statements and concealing Health improvements to Social Security.

According to the study, Perez justified Escabi disabilities nonexistent patients to obtain the disability benefit. It was noted that in this case the federal program lost $ 4.4 million.

Other 74 people were arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its acronym in English) in August 2013 for similar offenses. In that case, listed as defendants a federal employee, a physiatrist and two psychiatrists.

Luis Antonio Escabí Pérez