Newspaper stories here: The State and here: The Post and Courier

You can see the full lawsuit here: Mark Beale Lawsuit

It appears psychiatrist Mark Beale suspects that his step-father is behind the “one star rating”.

Affidavit of Mark Beale (see above “Mark Beale Lawsuit” – last couple of pages for court record)

PERSONALLY appeared before me the undersigned who duly sworn and says as follows:

1. My Name is Mark Beale. I am a licensed medical doctor in South Carolina. My field of expertise is Psychiatry. My practice is known as Charleston Psychiatric Associates. My office address is 669 St. Andrews Blvd, Charleston, South Carolina 29407.

2. I have been in private practice for 16 years at this location, and have a good reputation in the community. I have never practiced or been licensed in any other state.

3. I have not practiced in Virginia, nor have I ever been licensed there.

4. There are no physicians in Virginia who have ever practiced with me at Charleston Psychiatric Associates, and none who would have firsthand knowledge of my practice in Charleston.

5. To the best of my knowledge, I have no current or former patients in the Newport

News area of Virginia. I am certain that none of my patients that I have seen over the past five years resides in or around Newport News, Virginia.

6. I have no current or former patients named “Richard Hill”, nor do I know anyone by this name.

7. My mother, a retired criminal court judge, and my step-father, a retired pediatrician, reside in Newport News, Virginia. This is the same area in which “Richard Hill”, the anonymous Google poster, appears to reside, based on his reviews of local businesses that were also posted to Google.

8. The one out of five-star review that was the genesis of this lawsuit was posted on Google several days after my step-father and I had conflicting views over the care of my mother.

9. The one out of five-star review given anonymously by “Richard Hill” has, and continues to, damage my reputation and my business, and causes me extreme and constant distress as it is so out of character with my other online reviews and my otherwise good reputation in the community.


Mark Beale, M.D.