Judge to rule on use of recordings ahead of Lewek Trial
January 29 2015

Rochester, N.Y. – The psychiatrist accused of burying the body of a man in his backyard last January was in court Wednesday.

The issue at hand: a judge deciding whether recorded statements he made to police will be used during trial.

Wednesday, Judge Christopher Ciaccio listened to the arguments from the defense and prosecution on whether or not recordings of conversations Dr. William Lewek had with police after Matthew Straton’s body was found buried in his backyard should be used at trial.

The First Assistant District Attorney Kelly Wolford asked that all the recordings be used.

But Wolford says even part of Lewek’s statements will help their case.

“He definitely gave enough of the details in the death and burial of Matthew Straton so that our case would be effective,” said Wolford after court.

Lewek’s attorney Matthew Parrinello verbally requested the recordings are not used at trial, but in his written argument only requested the recordings made after Lewek inquired about an attorney not be used.

However, Parrinello explained either way the statements will also help his case.

“What charges would be had? Matthew Straton overdosed, Dr. Lewek did nothing wrong so he’s not trying to avoid charges if anything is moved by Dr. Lewek,” explained Parrinello. “This is not realistically ‘a who done it,’ this is a why done it.”

The judge is expected to make his decision on the recordings in the next week.

Meanwhile, Straton’s mother who was also in court Wednesday is ready for the trial to begin.

“Is this ever going to get over with?” asked Kym Straton. “This has gone on way too long, preparing myself to come to these things every week or every other week whenever they are its tiring. I just want this to be over with.” Lewek’s trial is set to start February 23rd.

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