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Rochester psychiatrist accused of hiding body in backyard appears in court
By Rebecca Leclair
January 28, 2015

The mother of a missing man found dead in a local doctor’s backyard says enough is enough. That was reaction of Kym Straton to the latest developments in the case of a man accused of moving her son’s body.

Dr. William Lewek was in court Wednesday morning.

The defense lawyer says this case is not a whodunit, it’s a whydunnit and he thinks he can convince a jury that Dr. Lewek did not have a criminal reason to move Matthew Stratton’s body and therefore won’t be convicted of tampering with evidence. But it all revolves around the statements Lewek made to investigators.

Lewek claims Straton’s body was in his backyard after he died of a drug overdose. The defense says after Dr. Lewek asked for a lawyer, the police should have stopped questioning. Defense attorney Matthew Parrinello said, “The improper actions of the DA’s office and the investigators led to further questioning and I’m fairly confident the judge will suppress some of the statements.”

The prosecutor is confident even if some statements are declared inadmissible, they will still have enough evidence to convict. Assistant District Attorney Kelly Wolford said, “He definitely gave enough of the details of the death and burial of Matthew Straton so our case will not be affected by the request Mr. Parrinello is making.”

For the Straton family, this legal maneuvering is just prolonging the pain. Kym Straton said, “I’ve been ready for trial. We were supposed to be at trial last October. I’m ready for this to end.”

The prosecutor says she will never be able to bring murder charges against Dr. Lewek.but if he’s convicted of tampering with evidence and drug charges, he could face nine years in prison.

Lewek’s trial begins February 23.

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