Overland Park Psychiatrist Accused Of Having Sex With A Patient Loses His License
By Dan Margolies
March 17, 2019

Psychiatrist Brian Lahey

Psychiatrist Brian Lahey

An Overland Park psychiatrist has lost his medical license after state regulators alleged he had sex with a patient, exploited a patient relationship for financial gain and continued to practice after his license was suspended in 2018.

Under a consent order entered Tuesday, Brian Patrick Lahey waived his right to a contested hearing and agreed to an indefinite suspension of his Kansas license.

Lahey, 42, treated children, adolescents and adults. He received his medical degree from St. George’s University in Grenada and completed his residency at the University of Kansas Medical School.

Lahey’s attorney, Nancy Crawford, said Lahey acknowledged the Kansas Board of Healing Arts had sufficient evidence to prove he violated the Kansas Healing Arts Act. But she said the board’s charges remained allegations, not findings.

“He’s waiving his right to a hearing and he’s agreeing that if a hearing were held and he did not present any evidence in his own defense that they would have enough to suspend him,” Crawford said.

The Kansas City Star reported in February that the Board of Healing Arts suspended Lahey’s license in July on an emergency basis over drug use. At the time, it was investigating whether he had sex with patients and improperly prescribed opioids and other drugs, according to The Star.

The Star reported that Lahey had continued to practice in Missouri after his license was suspended in Kansas. Records indicate that he has not been sanctioned in Missouri.

Crawford, however, said that Lahey plans to close up shop in Missouri within the next 30 days and had informed his patients.

“He’s concerned about public perception and concerned about possible disciplinary actions coming down, and he’s trying to address those responsibly,” Crawford said.

In March 2017, Johnson County prosecutors charged Lahey with violating a protective order sought by his ex-wife. He pleaded guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and received a suspended sentence.

Earlier this month, a judge in Cass County, Missouri, where Lahey was divorced, found him in contempt for failing to make child support, maintenance and attorney fee payments totaling nearly $132,000. The judge ordered him jailed, but Crawford said Lahey has not been incarcerated.

According to documents obtained by The Star, Lahey began a relationship with the mother of a 10-year-old patient who later became a patient herself and then a co-worker. The Star reported that Lahey was also accused of having sexual relationships with two other female patients.

Lahey denied having a romantic relationship with one of the women, according to The Star, and denied having a sexual relationship with the other while she was his patient.