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NYC psychiatrist admits role in baby daddy’s attempted sledgehammer murder
By Priscilla DeGregory
September 7, 2022 6:56pm Updated
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A Manhattan psychiatrist on Wednesday admitted to her role in the sensational sledgehammer attack of her baby daddy — nearly a decade after the love-gone-wrong attempted murder scheme, prosecutors said.

Pamela Buchbinder, 52, pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted assault and burglary in connection to the grisly Nov. 12, 2012 bludgeoning and stabbing of her ex, Dr. Michael Weiss, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors alleged Buchbinder — who has been jailed since her 2017 arrest — enlisted her younger, bi-polar cousin Jacob Nolan to carry out the attempted hit on Weiss, also a psychiatrist.

Pamela Buchbinder
Pamela Buchbinder pleaded guilty to attempted assault and burglary in the sledgehammer bludgeoning of her baby daddy.
Steven Hirsch for NY Post
Under the terms of a plea deal, Buchbinder is slated to received 11-years behind bars at her Oct. 11 sentencing.

Nolan – a rich kid from Ronkonkoma, LI – was convicted at trial of attempted murder in 2016 and is currently serving a 9 1/2 year sentence.

Pamela Buchbinder
Buchbinder is slated to receive 11 years behind bars at her Oct. 11 sentencing.
Daniel William McKnight for NY Post
Michael Weiss
Buchbinder’s ex Michael Weiss – with whom she shares a son – survived the brutal knife and sledgehammer attack carried out by her cousin Jacob Nolan.
Steven Hirsch for NY Post
Jacob Nolan
Prosecutors say that Buchbinder enlisted the help of her rich bi-polar cousin from Long Island, Jacob Nolan to carry out the crime.
Steven Hirsch for NY Post
Evidence photo of the sledgehammer
The day before the murder Buchbinder took Nolan to a Manhattan Home Depot to buy the 10-pound sledgehammer.
Steven Hirsch for NY Post
Prosecutors said Buchbinder and Nolan went to a Manhattan Home Depot the night before the attack and bought a 10-pound sledgehammer.

Buchbinder also allegedly gave Nolan a kitchen knife and drew him a map for how to get into Weiss’ West 57th Street home office.

Nolan repeatedly bludgeoned and stabbed Weiss all over his body.

Buchbinder had been arguing with Weiss over the visitation of their then-6-year-old son leading up to the incident. She even convinced her ex to name her as a beneficiary on his $1.5 million life insurance policy just days before the attack, prosecutors said.

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Weiss survived the assault and gained full custody of their son.

“Pamela Buchbinder meticulously planned and plotted to kill Dr. Michael Weiss, enlisting the aid of her 19-year-old cousin Jacob Nolan,” DA Alvin Bragg said in a statement. “This brutal attack left Dr. Weiss, the father of her child, injured with multiple stab wounds to his body and traumatized by the brutal attack carried out by Nolan.”

“Today, she is being held accountable for her actions,” Bragg said.

Buchbinder’s lawyer Eric Franz told The Post his client’s guilty plea was not an admission of involvement in a plot to kill Weiss, given she only pleaded guilty to attempted burglary and assault.

The plea deal allows her to dodge the top count of attempted murder, and the possible of up to 25 years in jail had she been convicted at trial.

“After five years in Rikers Island she agreed to accept a plea which did not include anything concerning an attempt or desire to murder her ex,” Franz said. “She didn’t plead guilty to conspiracy.”

“There is no admission or agreement that she intended to kill anyone,” the lawyer added. “The case was overcharged.”

As for the DA’s statements about her admission to the plot: “They are entitled to the guilty plea but they are not entitled to misstate what that covers.”

Franz also said that any speculation that she was motivated by insurance money was “ridiculous” adding that the money she would have lost in child support payments if he died would have exceeded the life insurance money.