Psychiatrist convicted of molesting 7 female patients can’t escape 7- to 17-year jail term
By Matt Miller
March 31, 2016

Psychiatrist Basem Shlewiet

Psychiatrist Basem Shlewiet

A Pennsylvania psychiatrist who was convicted of molesting seven of his female patients failed to convince a state appeals court panel to overturn his 7- to 17-year prison term Thursday.

Despite Dr. Basem Shlewiet’s claims to the contrary, a Bucks County judge was well within his power in imposing the prison term after citing Shlewiet’s lack of remorse for the crimes, Superior Court Judge Alice Beck Dubow wrote in her court’s denial of his appeal.

Shlewiet, 44, of Doylestown, had essentially accused county Judge Wallace Bateman of holding his continued claims of innocence against him.

Bucks County detectives arrested Shlewiet in January 2014. That October a jury convicted him of multiple counts of indecent assault, corruption of a minor and unlawful contact with a minor.

His accusers, who included a teenage girl, testified that Shlewiet would reach beneath their clothing and fondle their breasts under the guise of checking their heart rates. The teen said he would molest her after telling her mother to leave the room.

One woman said Shlewiet also asked about her sex life, said he and his wife weren’t having sex and suggested that he and the woman should “help each other out.” That woman said that on another occasion Shlewiet forcibly French-kissed her.

The patients had come to Shlewiet for treatment of anxiety, depression and in some cases drug addiction.

In rejecting Shlewiet’s claim that he was sentenced unfairly, Dubow noted that judges are allowed to consider lack of remorse in choosing penalties.

She noted that at his sentencing hearing Shlewiet “acknowledged only that the victims felt uncomfortable during his medical examinations and he should have had someone else in the room.”

Dubow cited Judge Bateman’s reply: “Your remorse is for you and your family and not for these young women that you have manipulated and assaulted.”

“The trial court did not abuse its discretion,” Dubow concluded.

Basem Shlewiet