Psychiatrist Francesco DiLeo


Psychedelic therapy has a sexual abuse problem
By Olivia Goldhill
March 3, 2020

…Sexual abuse is an old problem in psychedelic therapy. The pattern was evident in the early 1980s, before the substance was made illegal as a schedule 1 drug in the United States. In cases well-known among psychedelic practitioners, two psychiatrists who gave their clients MDMA, Richard Ingrasci and Francesco DiLeo, were separately sued by former patients who accused them of abusive sexual behavior. Ingrasci allegedly told one patient that sexual contact would help cure her cancer, while DiLeo said that touching a patient was a “partial fulfillment of [her] oedipal wishes,” according to court documents. In a 1990 lawsuit, DiLeo was required to pay his patient $500,000 for pain and suffering and $150,000 for PTSD treatment. Ingrasci’s lawsuit was settled out of court…


The Washington Post
Licenses Valid Despite Crimes;
Many Convicted Doctors Given Probation by Panel
By Susan Schmidt
January 10, 1988

More than 35 Maryland doctors in the past two decades have been convicted of sex crimes, drug charges, theft, Medicaid fraud and other criminal violations without losing their rights to practice medicine.

Thirteen doctors in all, nearly half of them psychiatrists, have been disciplined for criminal or unethical sexual activity during the past two decades, according to commission records. One was suspended for five years. All the others were reprimanded or placed on probation and allowed to continue practicing under certain conditions.

Francesco B. DiLeo, a psychiatrist and former assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Maryland, was placed on supervised probation last summer after the commission found he had indulged in hallucinogenic drugs with his patients and had sex with one of them during a session at his home “institute.”

DiLeo, who is now working under close supervision at Springfield State Hospital, a state mental facility, said in an interview that he had been trying to break new ground in the use of psychedelic substances for psychiatric treatment…