Psychiatrist James Yelton-Rosello

Psychiatrist James Yelton-Rosello

Florida Psychiatrist James Yelton-Rossello – Sex with Patients
April 16, 2013
By Joel Voss

On April 5, 2013 Florida psychiatrist James Yelton-Rosello appeared before the Florida
Board of Medicine charged with sexual misconduct with four female jail inmates.
He has been prohibited from treating female patients since March 2011.

The Board offered him a settlement agreement consisting of fines and costs
of $51,366.59 and that he take several courses on Laws & Rules, Drugs, Record
Keeping and, of course, one on Professional Boundaries. Additionally, a permanent
requirement that there be present in the room a licensed female healthcare
professional whenever he is in the room with any female patient. Last but not
least that his license be suspended until he is deemed safe to practice.

Yelton has 7 days to accept the agreement above.

UPDATE April 28, 2013:

It’s Official. A few weeks ago I reported that this psych was offered a settlement agreement
that, part of which, includes a lifetime restriction on treating females.

As of last Friday it is FACT. He has the lifetime restriction. The Final Order did state
that the Medical Board may allow him, IF he proves he is safe, to treat females in the
future. But even then he will have to have another female with a healthcare license in the
room. This will be for the rest of his life.”

Videographer: Joel Voss