Psychiatrists’ Dangerous Fascination with Children
By Colin Taufer
June 2018

All too often disgraced psychiatrists make headlines around the world for their sinful deeds with children.

It was his erotic interest in young boys and homosexual tendencies that fueled his child porn addiction. His collection contained about 200,000 pictures and 4000 hours of video — showing children subjected to brutal sexual abuse. He is recently jailed psychiatrist Jo Erik Broyn, single father of two surrogate children, and — I am not making this up — one of Norway’s top child-protection specialists .

Then there is the unbelievable-but-true case of psychiatrist Aviel Li Goodman. He was arrested last February in Minnesota after authorities searched Goodman’s computers and found hundred of images and 11 videos of child sexual abuse. This child porn junkie is the author of the book Sexual Addiction: An Integrated Approach.

But more sinful than these singular crimes of lust is psychiatry’s ever-expanding campaign to make the children of the world more submissive and drug-dependant. Driven by big pharma, this is an assault aimed at sedating millions of juveniles into compliant zombies. By the year 2024, the market for ADHD drugs in the seven major country markets around the world will more than double in size and grow into a $13.9 billion dollar industry . One ADHD drug alone, Vyvanse, generated $1.7 billion in revenue in 2015 for its manufacturer Shire.

Psychiatrists know this is a billion dollar scam built on slick marketing and sham science. They ignore their own studies which prove what causes excitability in children is not a “chemical imbalance in the brain”. The American Psychiatric Association reported in 2000 that signs of this “disorder” were minimal or absent when the child is receiving frequent rewards for appropriate behavior, is under close supervision, is in a novel setting, is engaged in especially interesting activities, or is in a one-on-one situation . More comically, psychiatrists publish in their own journals multi-author studies from major institutions with headlines like this: “Energy Drinks Linked to Hyperactivity” .

Psychiatrist Peter Breggin frames the problem perfectly: “Children don’t have disorders; they live in a disordered world.” Children need love and common sense care to grow into moral and productive adults. They do not need lustful psychiatrists and big pharma’s greedy and deceitful sedation of the next generation.


Colin Taufer


Welcome to my monthly column. I am a career educator, writer and lifelong advocate for human rights. With each article, I hope to shine a light into the dark world of psychiatry to make stronger champions of human rights, to stir into action, to enlighten. As always, I appreciate feedback from readers. I can be reached at Colin@PsychSearch.net.



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