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Qld doctor jailed over child porn images
By Aaron Bunch
July 8, 2020

Rajdeep Singh SandhuA rural Queensland doctor has been jailed after he walked into a police station and told officers he had downloaded child exploitation videos and photos.

Rajdeep Singh Sandhu, 42, was found guilty of possessing child exploitation material while working at the Bundaberg Hospital in 2017 and 2018.

The psychiatrist told police he downloaded material of children as young as two years old.

“I would like to disclose to take responsibility,” he said in a video of a 2018 police interview played to the Brisbane District Court.

Sandhu, a UK citizen, decided to confess after he became concerned his illicit downloads were being tracked by work software installed onto his mobile phone.

“I became very anxious and fearful,” he said.

But detectives did not find any child exploitation material on the phone, prosecutor Ben Jackson told the court.

They did, however, find 13 images on Sandhu’s laptop.

He was convicted by a jury following a three-day trial and sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment on Monday.

“He accessed the material through a WhatsApp chatroom, school mates, and other internet searches,” Mr Jackson said.

During the interview, Sandhu also told police he had been accessing pornography since he was a teenager and was bisexual but married to a woman in the UK.

He said he also had a fetish for his mother and saw himself as a child, which was his motivation for accessing the images of children.

Sandhu told police he took leave from his job with Queensland Health because it would have been unethical to continue in the role.

Detectives quizzed Sandhu about his mental health during the interview.

A parole eligibility date was not set.