California Psychiatrist James Clopton Under Attack from DEA and California Medical Board
By Joel Voss, CCHR Tampa
May 21, 2014

Psychiatrist James Clopton

Psychiatrist James Clopton

Big problems for psychiatrist James Clopton, a/k/a Kirk Clopton. According to U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) records Clopton on May 22, 2009 and July 8, 2009, “illegally distributed OxyContin, a schedule II controlled substance,” to an undercover law enforcement officer, “for other than a legitimate medical purpose and outside the usual course of professional practice.” and on February 10, 2010, illegally distributed Norco, a schedule III hydrocodone combination product, and Xanax, a schedule IV controlled substance, to the same undercover officer under similar circumstances. The undercover officer went out of his way to indicate the drugs were intended for his recreational use, no physical exam or x-rays or MRI’s were done or asked for, there was no real medical condition and the list goes on and on. DEA records state, “Indeed, these were outright drug deals.” Despite the DEA describing his actions as “illegally distributed” and citing criminal laws broken, 21 United States Code, Section 841, no criminal case was found filed against Clopton in either El Dorado County, California or any Federal Court. However in January 2011 the DEA raided his office with search warrant in hand and Clopton surrendered his DEA registration (a license to prescribe the drugs mentioned above) that same day but re-applied for a new one later that year but the DEA denied it.

In January 2012 he filed for bankruptcy in the US Bankruptcy Court and in his petition he states his assets are $809,041, his debts $1,101,322 (about $300,000 difference) but he states his annual income is $168,000. So why file bankruptcy? Sounds like he could pay it back if he wanted to. The court has ordered him pay back some of it but that may be another problem for him very soon.

The Medical Board of California filed a case against his license on March 28, 2014.The Board received a complaint from a patient about Clopton prescribing large amounts of powerful drugs to the her and friend of hers. The Board started an investigation sometime after May 2011 and discovered other patients who were being prescribed high amounts of drugs. When the Board asked for the Clopton for the patient records of the other patients they found out about Clopton stated they were lost when he moved or stolen when his office was broken into. The Board noted in the very next paragraph that the DEA had seized many patient files during their search warrant mentioned above.

The family of one of his patient’s contacted Clopton expressing great concerns about the behavior of the patient after being prescribed drugs by him but the Board complaint stated he was “dismissive” of them. That patient went on to suffer from a drug induced seizure per the Board’s complaint. There are many other patients mentioned in the complaint just as serious as this one.

It is also stated in the Board complaint that Clopton never performed any exams, did not consult with past treating physicians of his patients, did not ask for their records, did not refer to physical therapy, never did blood/urine tests to ensure his patients were taking the drugs instead of selling them on the street or testing to see if they had other drugs in their bodies, etc. – he just prescribed a list of drugs in the complaint that reads like a who’s who of the most dangerous and addictive drugs in existence.