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Board moves to pull counselor’s license

TELEGRAM & GAZETTE Sandman disciplined in Florida By Lee Hammel July 31, 2010 Accusing a Worcester mental health counselor of deceit and misrepresentation in obtaining his counseling license, the state yesterday moved for a summary decision to take away his license. The state Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health Professions said Paul H. Sandman […]

Antidepressants vs. supplements

Sun Sentinel Suzy Cohen Dear Pharmacist Dear Pharmacist: I just became a pharmacist and started reading your syndicated column. Your emphasis is usually centered around the benefits of vitamins, minerals or alternative treatments, as compared to prescription medications. I take offense sometimes because I think you should recommend more of our gold standard pharmaceuticals, which […]

Government is daring to keep kids on drugs

Sarasota Herald Tribune By Tom Lyons Apparently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had at least heard about the suicide of Gabriel Myers. Myers\’ death by hanging happened in a Florida foster home last year, but that wasn\’t the main reason it triggered a major reaction at Florida\’s Department of Children and Families. The real […]

Florida To FDA: No Foster Kids In Psychotropic Trials

Pharmalot Ed Silverman Last year, a 7-year-old foster boy named Gabriel Myers committed suicide in Florida and, after reams of publicity and hand-wringing over the use of psychotropic medications in such children, a state task force recommended, among other things, that children never be allowed to participate in a clinical trial designed to evaluate new […]

Psychiatrist Peter Gleason disciplined in three states. Not Florida

Health News Florida Patient-protection watchdogs decided this case didn’t merit a bark; were they right? Carol Gentry, Editor July 16, 2010 In journalism, we write about things that happened, not about what didn’t happen. So I have been flummoxed in how to approach the subject of Peter Gleason, a psychiatrist who was disciplined in three […]

89% of Psychiatrists do not Provide Psychotherapy

Florida Times Union Some see medicalization as problem in health-care costs By Jeremy Cox Got the blues? Here\’s a pill. Not happy with the shape of your belly? A tummy tuck will fix that. Want to schedule the date of your healthy baby\’s birth? A scalpel will be waiting. Thirty-five years after the phenomenon was […]

Prescription Pill-Popping By Far a Leading Killer as Florida’s Drug Deaths Spike 20%

FlaglerLive Oxycodone, the addictive prescription pain-killer also known by its Purdue Pharma brand name OxyContin, directly caused more deaths in Florida in 2009 than cocaine, heroin and morphine combined. Prescription drugs as a whole are killing far more Floridians than illegal drugs, with some 8,600 deaths last year involving at least one prescription drug, according […]