• Psychiatrist Peter Steiner

Psychiatrist Peter Steiner, Louisville, Sentenced to 5 years

Psychiatrist Peter Steiner Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office Western District of Kentucky FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 26, 2021 Louisville Physician Sentenced To 5 Years In Federal Prison For Unlawfully Distributing And Dispensing Controlled Substances LOUISVILLE, Ky. – United States District Court Judge David J. Hale sentenced Louisville physician Peter Steiner to 60 months’ imprisonment to be followed by three years of supervised release for knowingly and intentionally distributing and dispensing Schedule II, Schedule III and Schedule IV controlled substances without any legitimate medical purpose and outside the course of professional medical practice, announced Acting United States Attorney [...]

  • Raymond Pierre-Paul

Raymond Pierre-Paul, NY Psychiatrist, sentenced for fraud

OIG Office of the Inspector General Social Security Administration NEW YORK PSYCHIATRIST SENTENCED FOR DISABILITY FRAUD FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 26, 2021 The Inspector General for the Social Security Administration (SSA), Gail S. Ennis, today announced the sentencing of Dr. Raymond Pierre Paul, a psychiatrist practicing in Nassau County, New York. Dr. Pierre Paul helped facilitate a major Social Security disability fraud scheme that involved hundreds of individuals, many of them police officers and firefighters, some of whom feigned disabilities stemming from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Dr. Pierre Paul cooperated with the investigation, and pleaded guilty to [...]

  • Child Psychiatrist Adrian Marsden

Child psychiatrist Adrian Marsden – caught with more than 2,000 indecent images of children

Daily Echo Child psychiatrist struck off after indecent image crimes Child psychiatrist Adrian Marsden A CHILD psychiatrist has been struck off after he was caught with more than 2,000 indecent images of children which he claimed he viewed to help him ease stress. Doctor Adrian Marsden's child porn collection was built over 10 years until he was found out when an amateur dramatics coach helped him download a smartphone app to learn his lines. The NHS children's mental health specialist, who collected images of kids as young as eight, admitted he had a fetish and claimed he looked at [...]

  • North shore psychiatrist Jonathan Smithson

Psychiatrist Jonathan Smithson uses ‘poppyseed defence’

Sydney Morning Herald Psychiatrist cleared after ‘poppyseed defence’ to positive drug tests By Michael Koziol February 14, 2021 North shore psychiatrist Jonathan Smithson A north shore psychiatrist and former heroin addict who blamed positive drug tests on poppyseeds he ate at restaurants has had his registration to practise medicine restored. Dr Jonathan Smithson, who had been working as a relief registrar at Royal North Shore Hospital, was suspended by the Medical Council of NSW last year after several positive drug tests. The psychiatrist had a troubled history of drug use, including 17 years of opioid addiction (mostly to heroin) [...]

  • Retired psychiatrist

Retired psychiatrist faces multiple counts of harrassment

KUAM Retired psychiatrist faces multiple counts of harrassment By Adriana Cotero February 9, 2021 The Superior Court of Guam has found probable cause to charge retired psychiatrist Dr. Abner Pasatiempo with seven counts of both official misconduct and harassment. Dr. Pasatiempo was an employee with the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center until December 13, 2019, the date he resigned. A magistrate complaint charges the doctor with seven counts of official misconduct and seven counts of harassment. According to the complaint, the alleged offenses occurred at appointments or sessions with clients between March 2018 and December 2019, while the defendant [...]

  • Former GovGuam psychiatrist

Former GovGuam psychiatrist charged

Pacific Daily News Former GovGuam psychiatrist charged, accused of harassment By Jerick Sablan February 8, 2021 A local judge found probable cause for criminal charges of official misconduct and harassment against former Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness psychiatrist Dr. Abner Pasatiempo on Monday. Last week, the Office of the Attorney General lodged a criminal complaint against Pasatiempo, but details of the complaint couldn't be released until the court decided there was probable cause. A summons has been issued to Pasatiempo and his next court hearing is on March 5 before Judge Bejamin Sison Jr, according to a release from the [...]

  • Tony Tsitos

Tony Tsitos, 50 years as a psychiatrist, busted for child porn

Florida Times-Union St. Augustine man charged in child-porn case is well-known Virginia psychiatrist Tony Tsitos gained notoriety treating 'Three Faces of Eve' patient By Emily Bloch February 5, 2021 Psychiatrist Tony Tsitos The St. Augustine man charged Thursday with 15 counts of possession of child pornography is a well-known psychiatrist associated with treating the woman who inspired the Oscar-winning film "The Three Faces of Eve," records show. Tony Anastasios Tsitos, who practiced adult and child psychiatry for more than 50 years in Virginia, was arrested after police said they found thousands of sexual images of children — including some [...]

  • Former Guam psychiatrist

Former Guam psychiatrist – criminal complaint

Guam Daily Post AG files complaint against former Guam psychiatrist By John O'Connor The Office of the Attorney General has announced that a criminal complaint has been filed against former Guam psychiatrist Dr. Abner Pasatiempo for seven counts of official misconduct and seven counts of harassment. "The court will now review the complaint to decide whether the charges are supported by probable cause. If so, the court will issue a summons and schedule a hearing. Details surrounding the complaint will be released if the court decides there is probable cause," the AG's office stated. Pasatiempo is seeking a resolution to [...]

  • Dr. Abner Pasatiempo
  • Dr. Abner Pasatiempo

Dr. Abner Pasatiempo faces criminal complaint

Pacific Daily News AG lodges criminal complaint against Dr. Abner Pasatiempo By Jerick Sablan February 5, 2021 The Office of the Attorney General has lodged a criminal complaint against a former Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness psychiatrist accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with patients, according to a news release from the AG's office. The complaint against Dr. Abner Pasatiempo involves seven counts of official misconduct and seven counts of harassment. The court will review the complaint to decide whether the charges are supported by probable cause. If so, the court will issue a summons and schedule a hearing. Details surrounding [...]

  • Former Sudbury psychiatrist

Former Sudbury psychiatrist facing more charges

The Sudbury Star Former Sudbury psychiatrist facing more charges By Harold Carmichael January 25, 2021 Former Sudbury psychiatrist A Sudbury man accused of practising psychiatry illegally and who sexually assaulted a female patient is facing more charges. Allan Seltzer, 69, is facing new charges of assault and fraud – both having allegedly occurred in 2015. He will return to court on Feb. 17 to answer to those charges. Seltzer will then be sentenced on April 7 to the charge he pleaded guilty to almost a year ago. After pleading guilty, he later indicated he wanted to have the charge [...]

  • Micaela Wexler - Psychiatrist

Micaela Wexler, KCK psychiatrist, “employees” cut vaccine line

Fox 4 Dozens of KCK psychiatrist’s ineligible ’employees’ cut line to get COVID vaccine before people at risk PROBLEM SOLVERS By Linda Wagar January 18, 2021 Micaela Wexler - Psychiatrist KANSAS CITY, Kan. — As millions anxiously wait for the COVID-19 vaccine, a Kansas City, Kansas, psychiatrist is accused of helping people cut in line. It’s a move that could have put some healthy people months ahead of those at risk. Two healthcare whistleblowers contacted FOX4 saying dozens of ineligible people were gaming the system by posing as employees of psychiatrist Micaela Wexler. According to Kansas’ vaccine guidelines, [...]

GovGuam Psychiatrist investigation stalled

Pacific Daily News Investigation of former GovGuam psychiatrist stalled By Jerick Sablan January 18, 2020 The investigation of a former government of Guam psychiatrist accused of sexual misconduct with patients is stalled because no one on island will take on the case. The Guam Board of Medical Examiners met Wednesday to discuss the ongoing investigation into Dr. Abner Pasatiempo, who worked at the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center until he resigned in December 2019. Chairman Dr. Nathaniel Berg said the board doesn't have anybody to work on the case after other psychiatrists on the island declined. The board is [...]

  • Abdussamed K

Abdussamed K. – head of Turkish psychology department

Bianet Arrested for ‘solicitation of minor’ in US, man is now a department head in Turkey Having served time in prison and with his physician-in-training permit temporarily suspended in Texas for “online solicitation of a minor”, psychiatrist Abdussamed K. is now the head of the psychology department at a university in İstanbul. By Evrim Kepenek İstanbul - BIA News Desk January 15, 2021 Translation: "We don't want molester, rapist academics at universities" Assoc. Prof. Abdussamed K. is reportedly the head of the Psychology Department of Marmara University in İstanbul despite being arrested for "online solicitation of a minor" [...]

  • Absüssamed Köse - Psychiatrist

Absüssamed Köse, resigns from Psych Department

Abdussamed Kose [aka Absüssamed Köse aka Absussamed Kose aka Abdussamed K.] Bianet ARRESTED IN US FOR ‘SOLICITATION OF A MINOR’ Marmara University’s Head of Psychology Department resigns İstanbul - BIA News Desk January 16, 2021 As reported by Evrim Kepenek from bianet, “arrested for online solicitation of a minor in the US, the man became a head of department in Turkey.” The Head of Psychology Department of Marmara University has resigned from office. After it was understood that Assoc. Prof. Abdüssamed K., [aka Absüssamed Köse ] the Head of Psychology Department of Marmara University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, had [...]

  • Marmara University Psychology department head

University Psychology department head arrested

University Psychology department head Abdussamed Kose [aka Absüssamed Köse] Duvar English Marmara University Psychology department head arrested for soliciting minor in 2015 January 15 2021 Absüssamed Köse, a department head at Istanbul's Marmara University is listed on a sex offender registry in the United States for trying to solicit sex from a minor in the state of Texas, news portal Bianet reported on Jan. 15. Köse was working as a physician in Houston at the time of his arrest in April 2015, local media reported, and was arrested as a result of an undercover operation online in which a law [...]

Psychiatrist James Edwards, Auburn and Gulf Shores, sentenced in drug case

WTVM Former Lee County psychiatrist sentenced in federal pill mill case By Jennifer Horton January 14, 2021 MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - A former psychiatrist who practiced in Auburn and Gulf Shores was sentenced to probation following a federal pill mill case. James Edwards, who was at one time charged with drug distribution in an 87-count indictment, will serve no prison time. Edwards pleaded guilty to one count of information for aiding or abetting the acquisition of a controlled substance by fraud. The judge accepted the plea agreement during Thursday’s hearing, stating initially that he was concerned about the leniency of [...]

Michael Robertson, Anchorage Psychiatrist, Sentenced for Fraudulently Prescribing Medically Unnecessary Drugs

Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Alaska FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 6, 2021 Anchorage Doctor Sentenced For Prescribing Medically Unnecessary Opioids In Health Care Fraud Scheme Anchorage, Alaska – U.S. Attorney Bryan Schroder announced today that U.S. District Court Judge Sharon L. Gleason sentenced Michael Don Robertson, 68, a former Anchorage psychiatrist, to 12 months home confinement and 5 years of probation for conspiracy to commit controlled substance fraud and one count of health care fraud. Robertson knowingly and intentionally distributed controlled substances outside the usual course of professional practice and without a legitimate medical purpose. According to [...]

  • John Whelan - Psychiatrist

John Whelan, Fond du Lac Psychiatrist, indicted for unlawful distribution of drugs

John Whelan - Psychiatrist Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Wisconsin FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, January 5, 2021 FOND DU LAC PSYCHIATRIST AND NURSE INDICTED FOR UNLAWFUL DISTRIBUTION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES Matthew D. Krueger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, announced that on January 5, 2021, a federal grand jury indicted John D. Whelan (age: 74), a psychiatrist, and Tina Montezon (age: 58), a licensed nurse, both of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, for conspiring to distribute controlled substances, including Buprenorphine, Ritalin, Xanax, and Adderall outside the course of a professional medical practice and [...]

Psychiatrist David Altman Doc Who Called Delta Pilot “Bipolar” Surrenders Medical License By Christine Negroni November 13, 2020 The physician who came close to ending a Delta pilot’s 30-plus year flying career by diagnosing her with bipolar disorder has permanently surrendered his license to practice medicine in Illinois. Dr. David Altman was working for Delta in 2016 when he was assigned to determine if Karlene Petitt, 58, was fit to fly. Two other doctors said the diagnosis was erroneous. But the forced exam and Petitt’s near 2-year grounding associated with it is the subject of her whistleblower lawsuit against Delta. She claims [...]

David Altman, Illinois psychiatrist, surrenders license

seattlepi Delta Retaliated Against Pilot By Sending Her to Shrink – Judge Rules By Christine Negroni December 22, 2020 Delta Air Lines and its top executives, including the present FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, retaliated against a pilot when it sent her for psychiatric evaluation after she complained of safety issues at the airline, a judge has ruled. Judge Scott Morris ruled that Delta “engaged in an adverse employment action with discriminatory intent,” when it sent Karlene Petitt to Dr. David Altman, a company-appointed doctor who determined she was bipolar. Had that been true, it would have been a career-ending diagnosis. [...]

Chen Ming-jer

Taiwan News Court releases indicted doctor on NT$30 million bail Staff Writer July 09, 2008 In indicted veteran psychiatrist at Taitung Hospital was released on bail of NT$30 million (US$980,000) on Monday after being held in custody for 14 months. Chen Ming-jer (陳明哲), director of Taitung Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry, was indicted on charges of health insurance fraud, taking kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies, using false prescriptions to obtain restricted drugs from the national health insurance system to sell for profit, and violating the Physicians’ Code. The Taitung District Court’s Public Prosecutors’ Office began to investigate Chen in April last year. [...]

  • Su Wei-shuo - Psychiatrist

Su Wei-shuo, Taiwanese Psychiatrist, could face prison time

Taiwan News Taiwanese doctor could face prison time for spreading rumors about ractopamine By Ching-Tse Cheng December 17, 2020 Su Wei-shuo - Psychiatrist TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Clinical psychiatrist Su Wei-shuo (蘇偉碩) is facing a possible prison term of up to three years for making erroneous comments about pork imports containing ractopamine. The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) reported Su to the police for allegedly violating the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation. Su has actively opposed the government's lifting of restrictions on U.S. pork imports containing ractopamine and has repeatedly taken to social media to warn about [...]

  • Psychiatrist Gustavo Kinrys

Gustavo Kinrys, Natick psychiatrist, accused of $10M fraud

Masslive Natick psychiatrist accused of billing Medicare, private insurance companies for more than $10 million in treatments he did not provide By Douglas Hook December 10, 2020 Psychiatrist Gustavo Kinrys Gustavo Kinrys, a Natick psychiatrist, is accused of billing Medicare and private insurance companies more than $10 million in treatments he did not provide and then lying to investigators in an attempt to conceal his misdeeds, according to the federal authorities. “Fraud in the Medicare system is a persistent, long-term problem,” U.S. Attorney Andrew E. Lelling said. “Physicians who defraud the system are taking dollars that could otherwise be [...]

  • Perinton psychiatrist Muhammad Cheema

Perinton psychiatrist Muhammad Cheema, sentenced to prison

Democrat and Chronicle Perinton psychiatrist sentenced to 18 months in prison for health care fraud By Will Cleveland December 10, 2020 Psychiatrist Muhammad Cheema A Perinton psychiatrist convicted of health care fraud and making false statements about health care matters was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison Wednesday. Dr. Muhammad Cheema, 47, who operated Upstate Psychiatry at 115 Sully's Trail, pleaded guilty in June. He was also ordered by U.S. District Judge Charles J. Siragusa to pay $813,495.48 in restitution to the health care benefit programs he defrauded. Between 2013 and 2017, Cheema submitted 5,000 false claims for [...]

  • Sri Thiguti - Psychiatrist

Sri Thiguti, UK psychiatrist, admits sexually motivated misconduct

Daily Mail Married psychiatrist, 41, keeps his job after offering to have sex with patient and telling her: 'Any rich man in India would want you' By Isabella Nikolic December 8, 2020 Sri Thiguti - Psychiatrist A psychiatrist who asked to have sex with a patient and said 'that's what doctors do' while stroking her hands won't lose his job. Dr Sri Thiguti, 41, blamed his lewd behaviour on his crumbling marriage. He told the woman she was 'pretty and attractive' and that he 'liked white women'. He declared, 'Any rich man in India would want you,' during eight [...]

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