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FloriDUH – Weird, wacky, strange news from the Sunshine State – Psychologist accused of bigamy after marrying a patient

Sun Sentinel By Barbara Hijek Jeffrey Lynn Benoit, a former Florida State Hospital psychologist, is accused of having sexual relations with a patient he was treating there, then marrying her while he was still married to someone else, reports the Jackson County Floridian in Marianna. According to the Department of Health, the woman Benoit allegedly […]

Psychologist Jane Honeyman

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Florida Bans Foster Children from Clinical Drug Trials by Pareesha Narang Sixteen months after 7-year-old Gabriel Myers committed suicide while taking psychotropic drugs, the state of Florida has banned allowing any children in the state’s custody from participating in clinical drug trials. It is unclear if Gabriel was involved in any clinical trials. The doctor who prescribed the medicines to him was […]