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Florida Psychiatrist Ronald Kurlander Fined $30,000.00 Video and Summary of Disciplinary Hearing By Joel Voss April 17, 2013 On April 5, 2013 in Deerfield Beach, Florida psychiatrist Ronald Kurlander was disciplined by the Florida Department of Health. He was accused of prescribing drugs to people he had never examined or even met and keeping false records. The father of one […]

Psychiatrist Perez Beauvil – “one of his competency exam scores was zero” Video of Disciplinary Hearing of Florida Psychiatrist Perez Beauvil April 17, 2013 by Joel Voss On April 5, 2013 Florida psychiatrist Perez Beauvil had a hearing before the Florida Board of Medicine. Beauvil’s medical license was suspended in 2011 by the Board of Medicine. The complaint against him stated he prescribed addictive painkillers and […]

Psychiatrist James Yelton-Rossello to accept Chaperone Requirement? Florida Psychiatrist James Yelton-Rossello – Sex with Patients April 16, 2013 By Joel Voss On April 5, 2013 Florida psychiatrist James Yelton-Rosello appeared before the Florida Board of Medicine charged with sexual misconduct with four female jail inmates. He has been prohibited from treating female patients since March 2011. The Board offered him a […]

Twenty Women come forward against Canadian psychiatrist Stanley Dobrowolski

Sun News ON doc faces 40 new charges, including sexual assault, voyeurism and child porn By Jennifer O’Brien April 15th, 2013 LONDON, ON – A psychiatrist faces 40 new charges, including sexual assault, voyeurism and child pornography. Police say twenty women – including a 17-year-old of whom “images were taken without her informed consent” – […]

Judge Suspicious of Psych’s Records

Star Tribune Records infraction was not first for doctor fired from state mental hospital By PAUL MCENROE April 13, 2013 A psychiatrist who was fired this year for failing to properly document patient care at the Minnesota Security Hospital had been forced to resign in 2005 for exactly the same violation — yet was later […]

Canadian Psych Gets 5 Years

Sun News Another year before all charges against Dr. Aubrey Levin are resolved By Kevin Martin April 12, 2013 It will be at least another year before all the charges against disgraced former court psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin are resolved. Crown and defence lawyers appeared in Court of Queen’s Bench Friday to set dates for […]

Controversial mental health program set for Page

Lake Powell Chronicle By Lawrence Baker Apr 10th, 2013 The Columbia University TeenScreen suicide and mental health screening, recently approved for use in the middle school by the Page Unified School District governing board, has become the center of controversy after a parent and former board member raised several concerns. The TeenScreen program, backed by […]

Jacksonville’s “Most Bizarre Shrink” is Disciplined Jacksonville’s “Most Bizarre Shrink” is Disciplined April 16, 2013 By Joel Voss On April 5, 2013 Florida psychiatrist Mohamed Saleh appeared before the Florida Board of Medicine accused of having plead guilty in Nevada to conspiracy to commit unlawful dispensing of controlled substances, withholding the conviction from the Board and failing to update his […]

High Use Of Antipsychotics In Nursing Homes

Connecticut Health Investigative Team [C-HIT] By: LISA CHEDEKEL | January 30, 2013 The Westside Care Center in Manchester is ranked among the best nursing homes in Connecticut, receiving a ‘five-star’ rating for overall quality under a federal rating system. At the same time, Westside has the state’s highest percentage of residents who receive antipsychotic drugs, even though they […]

Edward L. Kelly

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) Judge says doctors lied about psych care By Paul McEnroe April 7, 2013 Two psychiatrists at the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter deliberately misled a Hennepin County judge about the care of a mentally ill woman after the judge concluded she had suffered medical neglect, according to court documents reviewed […]

Texas Psychiatrist suspended after raping patient

American-Statesman Doctor’s license suspended after rape arrest Tuesday, April 2, 2013 By Mary Ann Roser The Texas Medical Board has temporarily suspended the license of Austin psychiatrist David Williams Cardwell after police charged him with raping a female patient last month, the board’s order says. Cardwell, 64, did not respond to an email or phone […]