Mogens Broedsgaard, Danish Psychiatrist, Criticized for Treatment of Patient

Danish health care service disciplinary board Criticism of treatment – Psychiatrist Mogens Broedsgaard Publication Date: December 17, 2015 The Danish health care service disciplinary board find the basis for criticizing Psychiatrist Mogens Broedsgaard for his treatment of < **** > in the period from the 4th of February 2013 to the 7th of March 2014 […]

Henrik Day Poulsen, Controversial Danish Psychiatrist, gets massive criticism for “careless treatment of patients”

Translation provided by Ulrik Pedersen Avisen DK By Freja Wedenborg January 27, 2017 The controversial psychiatrist Henrik Day Poulsen is receiving criticism from the health care Disciplinary Board, which evaluates the complaint cases in health care. In one case he diagnosed a patient with paranoid schizophrenia after just one and a half hour consultation. This […]

Piet Casier, Danish Psychiatrist, expelled in the Faroe Islands

Hat tip to Ulrik Pedersen for providing this translation: SCANDAL-PSYCHIATRIST EXPELLED IN THE FAROE ISLANDS Psychiatric Centre at the national hospital in Torshavn, last year fired and expelled the now convicted psychiatrist Piet Casier. As chief doctor Tormóður Stórá became aware of a number of articles in the trade union 3F journal, Piet Casier […]

Arne Mejlhede, Psychiatrist, Suspended, “administering incorrect treatment for ten years “ Psychiatrist suspended March 30, 2015 The Danish Health and Medicines Authority decided on Friday to suspend a psychiatrist from Funen with immediate effect after DR News revealed that he had been under observation for administering incorrect treatment for ten years without any action being taken to stop him. Anne Marie Vangsted, the Health and […]