Psychiatrist Matthew Hopkins faces felony count of aggravated assault and battery

Powell Tribune Cody psychiatrist to enter drug program April 27, 2017   Alleged to have purchased canned air while on bond After being charged with two DUIs in a four-month span, a Cody psychiatrist plans to enter a residential treatment program. Last week, Dr. Matthew Hopkins was given permission to leave Park County so he […]

Montana Psychiatrists James Peak and Nathan Munn, Sex Offenders, Want Licenses Back

Billings Gazette Billings psychiatrist seeking return of medical license will have to wait By Cindy Uken January 17, 2014 A Billings psychiatrist’s quest for a second chance to practice medicine has stalled temporarily. Dr. James H. Peak, 51, sought reinstatement of his license from the state Board of Medical Examiners on Friday but the board […]

Montana Child Porn Psychiatrist James Peak Scheming to Get License Back – Write a letter to the editor!

Send your letter to the editor here: INFORMATION THAT MUST BE INCLUDED WITH LETTERS: Writer’s full name, street address, town and DAYTIME phone number. The Gazette confirms that the person who signed the letter did write it with either a phone call or a return letter. Maximum letter length is 250 words. Billings Gazette […]

Montana Psychiatrist James H. Peak Convicted of Child Porn Wants License Back

Billings Gazette Former child psychiatrist convicted for child porn seeks redemption By Cindy Uken August 4, 2013 A former child psychiatrist who was felled by his lust for child pornography and spent time in federal prison is seeking forgiveness from those he betrayed — and a second chance. And some of the most respected mental-health […]