Psychiatrist Trashes DSM “waste of time and money that could mean misdiagnosis and over-medication for millions”

London Community News Psychiatrist says “buyer beware” of new diagnostic tool By Craig Gilbert September 22, 2013 Buyer, beware. That’s the message one the most vocal critics of the latest edition of the manual used to diagnose mental disorders in North America delivered in London Thursday (Sept. 19). Dr. Allen Frances, who chaired the task […]

Cutting Government Dollars to Psychiatrists Top Prescribers Propped Up By Tax Dollars By Ken Kramer September 6, 2013 (Note: “Medicaid” and “Medicare” are both defined at end of this article) In 2010, a Florida whistleblower informed investigators in U.S. Senator Grassley’s office about the massive psych drug prescribing of Fernando Mendez-Villamil. He wrote $43 million worth of prescriptions in […]

Feds Investigating Antipsychotic Drugs on Children

Wall Street Journal U.S. Probes Use of Antipsychotic Drugs on Children Federal health officials are reviewing antipsychotic drug use on children in the Medicaid system By LUCETTE LAGNADO August 11, 2013 Federal health officials have launched a probe into the use of antipsychotic drugs on children in the Medicaid system, amid concern that the medications […]