The Inexorable Push for Psychiatrist Records

Daily Republic OUR VIEW: Leaders need to educate others about transparency By Daily Republic News Jan 1, 2014 We’d been feeling pretty good lately about the degree to which South Dakota’s government has opened up. Law changes in recent years, including a presumption of openness for state government records, and better leadership have generally made […]

PsychSearch – Relentless Pursuit of Records on Psychiatrists

Madville Times DSS Admits Public-Records Error with Release of Doctors Excluded from Medicaid By Cory Allen Heidelberger December 28, 2013 Ken Kramer’s public-records tussle with the Department of Social Services shows South Dakota state government’s unhealthy addiction to secrecy. The Florida man made a simple request last summer: he wanted to know the name of […]

PsychSearch leaves no stone unturned – Victorious Again!

Daily Republic Florida man pries records away from South Dakota officials By Chris Mueller Dec 26, 2013 It took nearly five months, but a Florida man has been allowed to view records about doctors excluded from Medicaid in South Dakota. In July, Ken Kramer, of Clearwater, Fla., asked the South Dakota Department of Social Services […]

The Gloves are Off! Call in the Marines! Public Records By Ken Kramer December 6, 2013 We contact government officials to obtain public records on psychiatrists. When we do, we like to use the word “request” – it is so polite. We usually start off with “This is a request for public records. Please provide a copy of …..” What we really […]